Molly Pettit ♥ Melbourne, Australia

“I have found this work with the sacred template of The Venusian Rose Temple Arts to be a truly evolutionary gift. Delving deep into the ancient archetype of the Divine Feminine through The Rose Lineage Mystery School Teachings brings deeper access to our feminine essence as women by exploring our sacred heritage, and unlocking and illuminating our own unique heart, womb codes. Working together with our Rose Sisters in sacred space, we are able to lift off old imprints of shame for ourselves and for the collective, to access the deepest recesses of our divine nature and creativity, and work toward healing the rift between the Sacred Masculine and Feminine. The world has never needed this collective healing toward the balancing of the Masculine and Feminine more than it does now. Deepest thanks to Shona Keeli whose proficiency in holding safe sacred space for this crucial work is matched by her profound embodiment of these teachings, and her commitment to sharing, healing, and evolving through the Rose Code Mysteries for the highest good of all human beings and life on earth.”

Rebekah Dawn ♥ United States

“Shona is such a Dear Beloved ~Sister ~Queen ~Empress of the Rose. I have such deep respect for the way that she carries this beautiful Rose medicine and entity that is Womb Illumination and The Rose Lineage. I see the trinity pillar priestess of The Temple of the Rose within Shona and all around her and I honor her wisdom, beauty, compassion, humility, courage, grace and strength, her devotion to being of service to the illumination, awakening and healing of the wombs of the world, her devotion to the remembrance of the Rose Lineage and reminding us all that we are all beloved sons and daughters of the rose.

I was continuously amazed at the space she held through the temple she created, the attentiveness, equality, balance, authenticity, humility, compassion and love she shared with all of us sisters sharing our voices, expressing ourselves, our wounds, our traumas, our joys and our blisses.

Thank you, Shona. I love you so much. I deeply honor the codes you carry!”

Kristy de la Torre ♥ Hawaii

“I have had the blessing of meeting this beautiful sister, Shona many moons ago, and have witnessed the growth and incredible dedication and commitment she has to the rising of the feminine and healing of the sisterhood. The work she does is potent. This woman’s offerings are truly a gift to the world. I had the honor of receiving one of Shona’s Rose Womb Heart Healing Sessions while I was living in Kauai. Her ability to hold space for the healing and opening of our most sacred treasure, the heart, womb, and yoni, is impeccable. She holds such an integral space to allow you to go to places that you have not yet explored. Using her intuition, healing abilities and her voice she allows you to surrender into a safe space for the Remembering of your divinity to unveil. Grateful to walk this evolutionary path with this sister”

Simran Shakti Kaur ♥ America

“I am deeply moved by the experience of this initiation and the way in which Shona persistently shows up in Her highest integrity. As I continue to process, receive and integrate All that came through my beloved sisters and our beloved guides, I hold profound gratitude. Today I realized that One of the most profound tools that my studies with Shona has offered me is self-acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, and humble honor. Shona is a powerful High Priestess guiding those ready and willing into their inner sanctuaries. Her work is inspiring and transformational.”

Alice Lai-Garton ♥ San Fransisco, United States

“Shona is a beloved sister and an exquisite queen for guiding us through this transformative process. She is a high priestess and is very knowledgeable! No fluff! I learned so much, the rose lineage is what my soul yearns for. Sacred knowledge of activating the holy trinity within us is truly life-changing. I felt the shift when clearing the ancestral karma in our wombs. I really enjoyed how real and raw every aspect of learning was. I am thankful for all the codes and for Shona for doing this powerful work bringing me back to the divine feminine. I am more in touch with my sacred temple and I activated the goddess within me. Deepest gratitude to my beloved sister Shona for all you do for the women on this planet.”

Jessica Carey ♥ Australia

“My journey with my beautiful sister Shona was a graceful, sacred and liberating rebirthing of the stuck, stagnant energies held in the deepest parts of my womb. The suppressed passion, creativity, and sensuality released as I felt the divine energies flowing freely through my womb space once again and it ignited the purest embodiment of a feminine goddess within me. During my time with Shona, I felt magical feelings of connection to my yoni and the deepest parts of my intuition. She supported me to feel the purest of love within my body, my feminine essence, and my heart space. My body temple has never felt such love, nurturing and support in the ways she opened me too, I had not even been able to have that level of connection to myself ever before. My sacred space has ignited into the depths of my power, healing and divine grace. I feel truly blessed to have crossed paths with goddess Shona. More women need her guidance, medicine, touch, and spirit to illuminate their sacred womb space and to awaken their sensual, passionate, creative, feminine inner goddess that’s ready to be let free.”

Melody ♥ Australia

“With the deepest gratitude, I bow down to the Rose petals that lay so humbly at our feet, Sister Rose Queen. Saying YES to the calling to join the Magdalena of the Rose Council of Twelve has been a true blessing for me. Little did I know at the time the depth and breadth of the experience, but I was ready to dive in, thorns, and all; knowing every part of me was welcome in this sacred space. Shona, you have a sacred gift and I am so humbled to be held by the co-creation of our container, as we all supported and witnessed each other stepping into our sovereign divinity. This work is powerful! Two weeks into Council, my maternal grandmother transitioned from this life and I was gifted with sacred death doula support from our Pillar Priestesses – Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and Isis. Then two weeks prior to the completion of Council, my womb opened to receive the sacred blessing of a new child! I conceived completely naturally after seven years, and previous fertility treatment. I feel as if my sacred Rose Womb Heart was truly activated through this powerful experience guided so gracefully by Shona, and I highly recommend to any woman on their path of remembrance.“

Gabriela Sopata ♥ Hawaii, USA

“My experience with Shona has been transformational. From the first time we talked on the phone, I felt her being very supportive and understanding. Shona has a gift of tuning in your rose womb heart matrix and helps you go through the process of releasing, healing…whatever it is for you to work through to see, to heal, to empower. I personally had many visions during sessions with Shona. I released a lot of “old stuff” and got my kundalini rising, “woke up” my sexual energy from her Rose Empress Initiation. Shona guided me through some challenging times. She provided me with healing herbs and other tools, that I can use any time now when I’m in need. She is very knowledgeable and intuitive, which makes her really good at what she does. I very much recommend her work. It’s very unique what she does and so needed by most of us!”
The Rose Lineage Mystery School

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