Do you have a deep longing to be held, seen, touched and dare I say sensually worshipped the way your female body desires as a form of ancient temple arts medicine? 
Do you yearn to be adored, awoken, and re-activated into the fullest exquisite expression of your temple priestess archetype and ancient future forward remembrance of erotic innocence? 
Do you need to feel an embodied sense of sensuality, abundance, and trust in yourself and life itself again?
Enter the temple of the Rose with me, dripping wet with devotional discipline, ancient authority unveiled through undulating activations of a full body reclamation of your role as your own enchantress of your rose eros. Unwinding, and unfurling into that infinitely intimate infinity of the Venusian Rose Essence. A sight, sound, scent, taste, and touch that must be fully imbued into every cell, fiber, facet, and phases of each of our body temples of love.
Invest in a fully supported exquisite self-care commitment to awakening your Rose Eros Essence by diving deeper into the temple that is your body, the living, breathing altar of love that is YOU deserves to be adorned, honored, and worshipped!
The Venusian Rose Healings and Temple Initiations are a full body, mind, and soul reactivation of your sacred temple template; this template lives within your body and is here to teach you that you are indeed a temple. This temple template re-activation is a living transmission from the trinity of teachers that live within your body; your Rose Heart, your Rose Womb and your Rose Yoni. The Venusian Rose Healings and Temple Initiations are a direct blueprint on how to reclaim your erotic innocence, shake off the shackles of shame around your sexuality and step into the highest version of your feminine form to support the awakening of this planet.
This sacred temple template that lives within your body is beckoning to be breathed again, this template has been gifted to us from the planet Venus, our planet of love, beauty, sensuality, duality, darkness, and war. The feminine has many facets, forms, and phases of her existence, and she shows her many faces through her expressions of emotions, movements, cycles, and sounds.
To know the feminine is to know and love all of her facets, forms, and faces as sacred, as they are your own. Not many women on this planet even come close to knowing the truly exquisite embodiment that is the Divine Feminine. Even as a woman who has a female body in this life most likely will never truly know what it means to meet the feminine within her own being, let alone indulge in her truly exquisite feminine essence. Not many of us will get to meet her in this lifetime because we have not been taught how to truly hold space for her to emerge from within. This is where The Venusian Rose Healings and Temple Initiations come in, to support your body in bridging from the mundane to the magic. The true feminine essence will only appear to meet you when you can surrender into the still-point of immaculate conception, the moment in between where melted softness and strength form sensual safety, allowing the body to meet within Union.
She will whisper to you sweet poetry of the most breathtaking beauty you have ever felt, heard, tasted, touched or seen. Allow her to slowly, every so gently, and every so softly enter into your body. The pause between moments is where you will find her, sitting on rose petals of empty presence, awaiting your arrival into the full reclamation of your exquisite Rose Eros Essence. I invite you to kiss her feet in everlasting devotion, for she is the women you have chosen to come here to be, you are already her, I am just here to remind you!
In our time together in a Venusian Rose Healing or Temple Initiation, we will clear away the karma drama, melt away any mask, marks, of the mundane, making space for the medicinal magic of the Rose. Allowing for that sweet opening of your Rose heart to take place for our beloved Sri Magdalena to wash away any waves of ancestral Samsaras, anchoring into the full embrace of Mary, Mother of God’s will pour forth through the form of grace to instill the still-point of immaculate conception into your Rose Womb, and as you trust this lineage of the Rose then the flame of Shakti shall ignite into a full body remembrance alongside our lady Isis she of ten thousand names fanning the flames of your embodied Rose Yoni’s deepest desires.
Together we will enter into a deep shamanic oracular state through the elemental alchemy of the Rose – release, refine, and realign with your soul’s pure pleasure, presence, and purpose.
I offer a full spectrum Venusian Rose Temple Template Healing and or Initiation through Sophian Songstress Light Language Sound Activations, Rose Oracle Anointing, Hands-on Rose Heart, Rose Womb, and Rose Yoni Healing through Devotional Massage, Safe Touch, External and Internal De-Armoring.
The Venusian Rose experience is a reminder of the sacred orbiting rose of pure remembrance that wants to be reawakened from within your body to teach you what has been lost for thousands of years, Venus Rose wants to show you how you need to love yourself, your loved ones, and this sacred planet earth. Venus Rose so we may remember that our bodies are a living and breathing altar of love! These healings and initiations of the Venusian Rose instill the teachings of the Roses and her Thorns, offering the gift of loving both our light and our shadows.
Through deeply connecting to the divine mystery from within we understand that our most potent healings and initiations into life are through our own five sense, and aligning them with the magic of the five elements, through this act of unity we become baptized into the fullness of our Erotic Embodiment.
☥ Hormonally balanced reproductive health ☥ Fluidly flowing pain-free monthly moon cycles ☥ Vibrant and juicy sexual vitality ☥ Radiant womb fertility, for conceiving a baby, new business and or a new beloved union ☥ Release shackles of shame around sensuality and sexuality ☥ Reclamation of safe sovereign sensuality expression ☥ Taking backing residency of the body ☥ Heal your history with organized religion ☥ Clear heavy ancestral trauma and karma ☥ Roses and Thorns embodiment of light and dark
☥ Fully body healing from emotional, physical, and or sexual abuse ☥ Healing of sisterhood wound of jealousy, competition, and betrayal ☥ Releasing unconscious vows, patterns, and programs that are keeping you from living a life full of love ☥ Healing the rose wounds of the Masculine and Feminine within you ☥ Release blocks and manifest your gifts into the world ☥ Deep remembrance of The Rose Lineage, Legacy of Love ☥ Embody a deeper connection to Divine Union from within ☥ Join a collective effort to heal our Divine Mother Gaia Sophia

:: 2 hours ::


Re-awaken the Rose Queen and her King from within, somatically learn how to be the enchantress of your own Rose Eros Essence. The art of the heart is one of patience, acceptance, forgiveness, and innocence cracking, opening, again and again even wider and wiser. The medicine of the womb is one of discernment, devotional discipline, power, passion, and deep shamanic presence as an embodied form of remembrance, the art of the heart merged with the medicine of the womb is one we must come to know as a woman in this world today.
Surrendering into the rose womb heart is the medicine of The Rose Lineage, A Legacy of Love. The Rose Womb Heart Healing Session is the merging of the white rose transmission in the heart, and the red rose transmission in the womb. It is the path of the beloved, the inner marriage of divine union, we have been told for many moons that we should look outside ourselves for knowledge, that we should seek external validation and honoring, and that love is only present with a partner/lover/marriage outside of ourselves.
Divine Union is not something outside ourselves, it is all within the holy chalice of overflow that pours forth from the sacred grail from within The Rose Womb Heart.
The Rose Womb Heart Healing Session includes a her-story health intake, cosmic condor feather clearing, Sophian songstress light language activation, rose heart breast massage, and grail gates womb massage. This potent combination of Elemental Rose Alchemy weaves a vortex of creative healing energy into form to realign and balance the heart, the whole endocrine system, and deeply anchors the womb into a state of sensual, safe sovereignty.
Promotes healthy menstrual cycle, increased fertility, opens the heart chakra, awakens the womb so it may return to its magnificence of full power Shakti life force energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

About The Rose Womb Healing
☥ Do I need to have any previous experience connecting to my heart, womb, and or the Rose Lineage Mystery School Teachings? ☥
I have women come to me from all over the world from just following the guidance of their heart, and the deep knowing from their womb that they must enter into this healing session with nothing but a feeling of remembrance. I have been doing these one on one sessions/initiations for twelve years, supporting over five hundred women to awaken to there Rose Eros Essence of Sensuality. There is no previous experience necessary, although you must have a full body yes, be ready to step into your full ” Queens Code ” spectrum for the integration of the session, which will have roses and some thorns. You are not and I am not your pain, trauma, sufferings, etc. I am your mirror and I am very discerning of who I work with as I only want to do this work with women who are ready to fully show actually do the work, it is not for everyone.
* Queens Code = Taking full responsibility for yourself, your choices, your YES and your NO, owning your shadow and your light. Surrendering the ego, projections, victimhood, avoiding reality due to pain, trauma and or blaming anyone outside of yourself for your inner reality. I only like to work with Queen’s or Queen’s committed to awakening!
☥ Do I need to be fully naked for the session? ☥
I am here to meet you exactly where you are at, I am here to honor you, in all your earthly humanness, and remind you of the exquisite perfection of your sacred body temple. It is ideal to be fully naked if you are comfortable but not necessary as I will only be weaving The Venusian Rose magic with your heart and womb, so topless is best but you are always welcomed to covered whenever possible and every step of the way you will be held in sacred ceremonial safe, sensual, sovereign space.
* I highly recommend that you invite in the practice of sacredly disrobing daily into your life if you are uncomfortable being naked around others, slowing down and really taking your time to undress as a sacred ceremony changes everything. I encourage all my clients to do so in our time together if that feels like the most nourishing to be witnessed in this way. As you undress in a ceremonial way you actually unveil yourself, there is real medicine in having a sacred witness as you move beyond this fear of being truly seen.
☥ What if I am on my menstrual cycle?  ☥
In my opinion, this is the best time to do this deep work with the Rose Womb Heart, as you are already so open, raw, sensitive, and releasing your previous month’s memories, moments, emotions, roses, and thorns. We can really work on a much deeper level of clearing ancestral trauma, previously lovers energies from your body, and or any pain that has been built up from a lack of connection to your Rose Womb Heart. It is not necessary to wait to you are on your menstrual cycle for a session but highly recommend to follow through with a session on your menstrual cycle to utilize the natural process of shedding that organically takes place at that time of the month.
☥ Does The Rose Womb Heart Healing Session include any internal work? ☥
No, all of the work we do together is external, it is somatic sensual healing with multi-dimensional layers of Sophian songstress sound activations, subtle structural re-alignment, arc-line clearing of the breastplate, breast massage, abdominal massage and devotional honoring of the jaw, throat, breasts, heart, womb, legs, and feet. I am trained in eight different modalities, so it is a combination of these modalities merged into a unique channel of The Venusian Rose Temple Arts that comes through differently for each individual. Essentially I just listen to the oracle of the Rose that guides me from within my own being, I get out of the way, honoring the traditions of the lineages whilst being guided by my intuition.
* If you wish to do deeper internal work with the yoni ( vagina ) such as de-armoring, yoni massage and or mapping then The Rose Empress initiation is for you.

:: 4-6 hours ::


Regally reclaiming your royal blood-line, learning the true art of reframing from dishonoring your sacred Rose Empress reign. Fully restoring your power from within, sovereign, sensual, safe, fertile, radiant and surrendered
Yoni is Sanskrit word for Vagina and translates into sacred holy temple or gateway. I believe the yoni should always be treated this way, honored and adored as the gateway to the chamber of the holy of hollies. You beloved Rose Empress hold the key codes of the grail, you are the keeper of the nectar of life within you holy chalice, you are the altar of love where the Gods/Goddesses come to concrete there love, you are the cosmic portal of Life.
In our society that we currently live in, we have not been taught to honor our sacred spaces as a temple nor have we learned to speak up when we are not being honored as sacred temples. Within this initiation of The Rose Empress we rest in the deep remembrance of the Rose, we deeply anchor into our rose root core essence. Here we take time to nurture, nourish and navigate through the layers of the yoni, her voice, her longings, her emotions, her feelings, and her unexplored potential. We carve out a safe shamanic ceremonial space to become deeply present to any times in your life you have misused and or abused this sacred space by allowing penetration from yourself and or another prematurely. When you allow your yoni to be entered before she is fully ready either by yourself and or a lover it creates a program of unprocessed penetration trauma, leading to a deep level of mistrust with your self, your eros, your sensuality, and sexuality. This trauma program usually shows up in emotional waves and ways of not feeling like you have enough space to be your authentic self through your expression of sound, authority, sensuality, and overall a feeling of not feeling safe in your body.
In our time together we will dive deep into the shamanic aspects of harmonic resonance with the frequencies of the Rose, calling your soul home, healing your voice, reclaiming your most authentic expression through deeply connecting to the vibration of safety within your inner and outer expression of sensuality and sexuality. As the throat and the yoni ( vagina ) are directly connected we will co-create a safe field for you to play within the sacred sounds of your sensual self for no-one but yourself.
The Yoni stores energetic imprints from the past and can be cleared by these three ancient tantric Venusian Rose rituals that I will be performing (performing) on you. It is your birthright to resurrect your pristine pussy temple to its original temple template of Erotic Innocence. As we re-route your whole sexual energy to be more aligned with the divine it creates space to welcome home your vibrant orgasmic self, to fully receive what it means to be a woman and be in your pleasure, grace, and beauty.
Be the Rose Empress you are & indulge in the Royal Rose Empress Experience!
The Rose Empress Initiation includes a her-story health intake, cosmic condor feather clearing, Sophian songstress light language activation, rose heart breast massage, grail gates womb massage, and rose empress reclaiming initiation through de-armoring the yoni with a mix between trigger point yoni releasing devotional massage and Ka body sexual light and sound activations.
This potent combination activates the codes of The Trinity of the Holy Grail, re-routes the sexual energy through restoring the original erotic innocence template.
Promotes healthy menstrual cycle, increased fertility, g-spot and cervical orgasms, opens the heart for deeper levels of healing and love, awakens the womb so it may return to its sovereign magnetic state, restores authentic vocal expressions ( amazing for singers, women wanting to speak there truth, and woman healing from sexual abuse ), anchors in the ancient Venusian Rose Alchemy deeply into every cell of the body for a deeper sense of balance, radiance, and overall wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

About The Rose Womb Healing
☥ Is the Rose Empress Initiation an internal yoni massage? ☥
Yes and no, so The Rose Empress Initiations is internal but it is less like a massage and more like a mapping, a sensually safe de-armoring of any pain, unhealthy patterns and or programs. It is a devotional massage for honoring your Rose Eros Essence of sensuality. I don’t like to call it a yoni massage as it’s so much more than that, it is such a profoundly powerful initiation into awakening your eros ( expressed passion, and sexual love ) and reclaiming your royal archetype of the Empress. We do both external and internal yoni mapping, using a combination of intuitive techniques to de-amorning the yoni, such as trigger point yoni release, devotional massage, and ka body sexual light and sound activations.
This initiation is life changing and requires full responsibility and receptivity for three three-part commitment to really get the full initiation. Preparation, Participation, and Integration.
Commit to preparational pieces of the initiation such as cleansing your yoni with rituals like vaginal steaming, conscious bleeding, and or sensual celibacy. Diving into owning your shadows and beginning the sacred work of sovereignty, knowing you need to reclaim your Empresses throne, and learning how to hold your own counsel through creating a deep connection to your Rose Yoni, her boundaries, her feelings, and her voice.
Commit to full participation whilst in the initiation, doing you best to remain present even if and when it gets too much to dive into some places that you may want to check out of, such as unprocessed emotions, pain and or trauma. Speaking your truth, sharing your feelings, practicing radical transparency and honestly with yourself and me so we may best honor you through the whole initiation. Always remembering that this Rose Empress initiation is all for you and your process, that’s what a true Empress does as she takes her throne, honors herself so she may honor others.
Commit to the integration of the initiation, knowing that this commitment is usually the one you will want to skip the most and that this one is the key to the true embodiment of this sacred Rose Empress Initiation. In this day and age, we don’t leave a whole lot of time for integration, we are very quick to move to the next project, job, meal, partner, place and or process without fully digesting the previous one. I want to see you fully arrive on that inner throne through deep introspection, meditating, being in nature, sleeping alone in your own sovereign field, doing your best to remaining celibate ever for just one lunar cycle. Carving out time, space, and the most sacred place for you to fully reawaken your Rose Eros Essence of Sensuality free from any outside pressure from society, trying to force you to be anything than what you are here to be.
☥ Can I do a Rose Empress Initiation on my menstrual cycle? ☥
I never prayform (perform) a Rose Empress Initiation when the sacred Rose Moon Blood has arrived, I believe that the blood mysteries are one of the highest forms of magic and that the sacred elixir of life is to only be shared between partners in divine union. As the blood mysteries are such a high form of magic I honor them as such and hold space for women to do the same, as when we share our sacred moon blood with a lover through ceremony, sex magic and or any form we create a very strong bond with that individual which gives them access to our inner world and us access to theirs. This can be very nourishing and powerful for intimate partners but very disruptive and destructive to share with many, it can leave a woman disorientated, disempowered, and confused by her own magic.
I highly recommend that women track there cycle so they know when they are bleeding and book a Rose Empress Initiation accordingly to avoid disappointment, as I like to leave three days either side of the menstrual cycle before doing the initiation as the Rose Moon Blood deserves honor, space, and awareness. Tracking our sacred Rose Moon Blood cycle has so many benefits beyond believe and can truly change the way you live your whole life, syncing your life to your cycle brings a sense of true sovereignty and deep nourishment.
☥ What is Erotic innocence? ☥
I just love this question and I get asked it all the time, the short answer is that it is our original state of being. It is the state we are born from, of, and within, it is the essence of eros, it is the true meaning of sexual sovereignty, and it is a pristine temple template that lives within our body. The template that we develop if we are supported to embrace our sexuality from a young age, this only develops if we have a healthy connection to our body, and our five senses through the younger years of our life. As a young woman finding herself through her innate erotic nature by exploring herself, her body, and her sensual connection to the five elements. We can reclaim this childlike, curious, and spontaneous essence of erotic innocence at any moment in our life, it is a choice and can be supported to come into form through initiations such as The Rose Empress Initiation.
☥ What is The Trinity of the Holy Grail? ☥
The Trinity of the Holy Grail is a sacred pilgrimage, a sovereign quest of learning how to dive into the deepest depths of the trinity of teachers that live within your body. By surrendering, be-friending, aligning and learning the Venusian Rose Temple Arts you gain access to the direct blueprint on how to awaken into the highest version of your feminine form to support the awakening on this planet. I personally believe that the Trinity of the Holy Grail is the three-fold teachings that are within the body, the Rose Heart, the Rose Womb, and the Rose Yoni. I obviously offer The Rose Empress 1:1 Initiation to allow women a sacred rites of passage into reclaiming, reawakening, and remembering this ancient connection that we all have with these teachings but it is a life-long quest and I also offer 1:1 Rose Mentoring, and Online Initiation so you can learn these Venusian Rose Temple Arts to practice daily.
“I have had the blessing of meeting this beautiful sister, Shona many moons ago, and have witnessed the growth and incredible dedication and commitment she has to the rising of the feminine and healing of the sisterhood. The work she does is potent. This woman’s offerings are truly a gift to the world. I had the honor of receiving one of Shona’s Rose Womb Heart Healing Sessions while I was living in Kauai. Her ability to hold space for the healing and opening of our most sacred treasure, the heart, womb, and yoni, is impeccable. She holds such an integral space to allow you to go to places that you have not yet explored. Using her intuition, healing abilities and her voice she allows you to surrender into a safe space for the Remembering of your divinity to unveil. Grateful to walk this evolutionary path with this sister”
– Kristy de la Torre, Hawaii
“My experience with Shona has been transformational. From the first time we talked on the phone, I felt her being very supportive and understanding. Shona has a gift of tuning in your rose womb heart matrix and helps you go through the process of releasing, healing…whatever it is for you to work through to see, to heal, to empower. I personally had many visions during sessions with Shona. I released a lot of “old stuff” and got my kundalini rising, “woke up” my sexual energy from her Rose Empress Initiation. Shona guided me through some challenging times. She provided me with healing herbs and other tools, that I can use any time now when I’m in need. She is very knowledgeable and intuitive, which makes her really good at what she does. I very much recommend her work. It’s very unique what she does and so needed by most of us!”
– Gabriela Sopata, Hawaii

Over the last decade, I have been mastering how to open my own heart, heal and let go, to unlock the chalice of overflow.

Losing my virginity at a young age through sexual abuse, like many women brought me face to face with the archetype of the whore, sacred prostitute, sinner, and the dualistic aspect of the saint. Supporting me to walk the path of the priestess before I even knew what that word meant.

The art of the heart is one of patience, acceptance, and forgiveness, cracking, opening, again and again even wider and wiser. The medicine of the heart merged with the medicine of sacred sexuality is one we must come to know as a woman in this world today.

I have been on a spiraling vortex ride of a lifetime mastering how to embody the sacred cycles and rhythms of the moon connected to my womb, immersing myself deeply into the sacred blood mysteries, womb wisdom, and learning the art of emotions, feelings, and simply being.

I have walked between the worlds to gather the ancient ways of activating the sacred sexual self and I have acquired the skills from many lineages that truly anchor one’s being into the core of our beloved Gaia Sophia, so we may self-source, cleanse and purify.

As we awaken into our remembrance in this lifetime and we emerge into today’s society as a modern-day priestess these skills above are not just luxury but a necessity.

I stand before you as a sister, as a strong pillar of support, I will guide you into the inner sacred garden of your rose heart, I will mirror to you the gatekeeper that you are of your own feminine vortex, I will show you how to plant seeds of your most magical manifestations and how to water them with the nectar of self-love.

I will energetically hold you as you take that deep dive and dissolve into yourself, I will teach you a way to be real, raw, and authentic with yourself, so you can truly meet all facets, forms, and faces of your soul.

Together we will weed out all that isn’t in alignment with your purest essence, there will be no more self-sabotage and stunting of your sensual, sovereign and sacred self.

The beauty is in the blossoming and the pleasure is in the all-consuming blooming, the sheer exquisite elegance of your own inner Sacred Rose Garden awaits you!

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