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Welcome Beloved,
We invite you to place your left hand on your heart, take a deep breath into your heart.
Allow yourself to anchor into the purity of love, truth, and innocence that you are by simply allowing yourself to be breathed.
Your presence is so welcome in this Temple of the Rose; all of you are safe to be here. It is here in the still-point of immaculate conception that we reawaken our connection to our pillar priestesses Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Lady Isis, Hathor, and Inanna-Ishtar,
We invite you to place your right hand on your womb, take another deep breath into your womb. Allow yourself to trust the intuitive process of your unique, blossoming, blooming, into the most in-depth remembrance of the ancient unraveling of The Rose Lineage, one velvety moon petal at a time.
Softening, listening, feeling, healing, forgiving, setting boundaries, befriending our inner thorns, and fully appreciating the exquisite beauty beckoning from within.
We are all of the rose, ever-unfolding into the infinite bliss of pleasure encapsulated in every moment. We are born of this sacred essence, from the pure erotic innocence that lay within every form, facet, and fiber of our beings, opening, and dissolving into existence.
To know the Rose is to know thy self. Sacred, Sovereign, Sensual, Safe, and Stable. The Royal Empress of the Rose. We are all born of the Rose, my lineage is of the Rose, and I genuinely believe if you have found your way here that your lineage is of the Rose too. We are all devotees of the Divine Mother, Daughter of The Rose Lineage, here to honor the beauty way, with grace and ease we receive, walking the path paved in rose petals.
An arm outstretched from the Rose Womb Heart is a powerful gesture of reclamation. May you feel at home in this vibration, the sanctity of safety. May your heart continue to serve the highest needs of everything that has a Rose.
May you know your strength in the madness and the fire. May you return to the womb of sacred, pure love and rebirth through the world of calcification.
We are sealing you in the succulent protection of the codes of the Rose Ankh.
Welcome, Home to Your Rose Womb Heart!
Artwork by Lily Moses

Are not flowers the stars of the earth, and are not our stars the flowers of the heavens?

-Clare Balfour

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Training 2022

A new woman is being born through the breath of her beauty, through her Sophianic song of the stars being sung into existence.
The birth of Venus, as we honor each of our lives as a reflection of her sacred cycle. We are being supported to birth beauty while simultaneously giving death to the depths of deception that have been plaguing our peace from within for close to a decade.
We know Venus as we know ourselves, young, wild, and free, continuously captured by the breath of her light. Undulating and aching to be one once again while knowing there must be time spent in the dark.
Venus, or how I like to refer to her as the orbiting star of remembrance, traces a pattern in the sky that looks like a five-pointed star or five-petaled wild Rose. This 8-year Venus Cycle is woven in sidereal space, with Earth at the center. It comprises of 5 synoptic periods that take 19 months long each to complete.
Every 19 months, when the Earth and Venus ‘kiss’ to form another petal, Venus presents the same face to the Earth. The dance of the planets: their retrograde motions, synodic periods, distance, and orbits presents us with patterns that resonate with the essence of the Rose.
The patterns of Venus are gorgeous – the heart of the rose. They reveal the essence of Venus in her role of celestial guardian of love and beauty to those of us here on Earth.
Tens of thousands of years ago in the Golden Age of Atlantis, Rose priestesses of The Divine Mother Goddess were gathering in councils of twelve and each council composed of twelve women, creating one hundred and forty-four women in total. Each council of the original twelve women was loosely organized into the four cardinal directions of North, South, East, and West to anchor the energy of love, peace, and harmony across the planet.
Members of the Sisterhood of the Rose were and still are wisdom keepers of The Rose Lineage Mysteries, The Rose being the symbol of the Divine Mother Goddess in all her many forms, facets, and phases of her embodied expressions.
The Rose is often the first thing that draws a person into a relationship with the Sisterhood but the magic and energy of the Goddess vibration and the Sisterhood of the Rose then extends to us cosmic relationships with The Planet Venus, Certain Stars, like Sirius and Shambhala.
The Sisterhood Rose acts as an earthly custodian of the sacred wisdom the Divine Feminine, The Venusian Rose Temple Arts, and the Rose Mystica Records.
The Divine Mother Goddess was expressed as a Rose for thousands of years and within the Rose, all creation is encoded. The Rose Lineage is the manifestation of the feminine essence, that essence has manifested in different generations and in different ways across all the nations of the world, producing with its variations of the same theme that has been carried forth by the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Brotherhood of Light, or commonly known as the Templar Knights.
A woman of devotion, love, truth, peace, purity, and the upmost divine service. She knows her body is a living and breathing altar of love; she honors it as so.  She is both human and holy, walking the way of the Rose. The beauty way that honors her most authentic expression so she may radiant that into the world. She listens to her heart and follows the whispers of her womb, anchoring daily into her ever-evolving embodiment of the divine mother’s love.
Guided by the orbiting star of remembrance, she walks softly upon this sacred earth honoring Gaia Sophia with each step while celestial singing the Sophiaic songs of the stars into existence with each word she speaks. A true protectress of the temple template of The Venusian Rose Temple Arts that lay within her body, she carryings the secrets of the Rose within her rose womb heart. Her integrity, dedication, and compassion are unwavering; she emanates the wisdom of many moons, countless cycles, phases, and facets of the feminine.
A Venusian Rose Priestess connects deeply to the divine mystery from within, she understands that her most potent initiation into life is through her own five sense, and aligning them with the magic of the five elements, through this act of unity from within she becomes baptized into being. She is the purest essence of The Venus Rose, and she dances her dance of divine union; she knows that her true beloved is internal and eternal.
She is a daughter of The Rose Lineage, a devotee of the Divine Mother, she leaves a legacy of love.


She is everything, and she is nothing, she is known and nameless, she is the sound between the sound, and she is the sacred pause between it all, she is the life, death, rebirth into the infinitely infinite infinity. She is you, she is me, and she is awaiting you to remember her from within your being.

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