Imagine finding more grace & ease as you traverse through the full spectrum of your feminine essence.

Finding intimacy within yourself and the five main emotions of the womb: anger, fear, grief, longing, and ecstasy.


How would you feel having personalized support, guidance, tools, practices, rituals, and actionable steps to allow you to move between all the facets of your feminine at a pace that permits you to be yourself truly?

How would it feel in your darkest hour to trust the ultimate unmasking instead of fear it?

How would it feel in your body to learn how to indulge in this process as you take up more space?

Imagine not losing but finding yourself within your shadows, finally freeing yourself from the old stories, patterns, partnerships, and programs you have been stuck in for years or even a lifetimes.

Your jaw soft, lips parted, heart open, womb anchored, and pussy pulsing.

Feeling so deeply embodied in the inner knowing that your body is the doorway to God.

Waking up feeling alive, connected, passionate, and aligned to the true essence of God.

Divorcing anything or anyone that doesn’t leave you dripping wet in devotional discipline of your divine dharma.

As you confidently step onto the path paved in rose petals that exalts you into your highest and most embodied timeline.

Trusting your body, listening to her whispers, and loving her like your most cherished Beloved. Knowing that you are committing to eternity’s most beautiful love story.

Allowing all of you to come home, to arrive deep down and into the body, no more leaving the body and forgetting your breathtaking brilliance forged from within, free from sin.

Imagine feeling obliterated daily by the purest truth of God and allowing the aching of longing to be penetrated to no longer be a source of suffering but a place of sanctuary.

Opening yourself effortlessly to the gift of being loved by God and knowing that you are worthy of all his multidimensional ways of provision, protection, prosperity, and pleasure.

I am slowing down and showing up from that place to serve. Unwavering in the purest essence of leadership through vulnerability, authenticity, integrity, and playing in the curiosity of innocence centered in pure pleasure.

I am Shona Keeli Rose from The Rose Lineage Mystery School and Ministry, the home of The Venusian Rose Temple Arts.

I have been where you have been, I have walked the path you are on, and I am honored to be walking beside you, Beloved.

Over the last fifteen years, I have mastered how to open my heart and anchor into my womb, heal and let go, unlock the chalice of overflow, and manifest my wildest heart desires and deepest womb’s passions into form.

I lost my virginity at a very young age from sexual abuse, like many women; statistics show that one in five women has experienced sexual abuse before reaching their 20s.

They told me I could never have children because of multiple cysts on my left ovary and stage two cervical cancer. I chose to heal my sacred feminine centers naturally, and along the way, I learned multiple modalities to heal, grow, and then birth two beautiful children naturally.

These intense life lessons at such a young age brought me face to face with the archetype of the sacred prostitute, sinner, and the dualistic aspect of the saint and servant.

Ushering me onto the path of the Mother Priestess before I even knew what those two archetypes fully entailed.

I am so honored to have you here with me reading my words, and it brings me such pleasure to be opening up my books again for my 1:1 Rose Womb Heart Mentorship for the first time in over a year and a half.

I have space for three women for 1:1 nine month mentorship with me; one space is already taken. Is one of the other spaces yours?

The connection between the heart and the womb can be seen as natural, practical, mysterious, and mystical.

I feel their connection to be a marriage, an inner divine union.

The heart plays a crucial role in controlling all other organs, so she was often referred to as the Empress in ancient texts.

The heart is the white rose transmission in the channeled teachings from our mystery school and ministry with Mary Magdalene, the mistress of the awakened heart.

The womb/uterus: your feminine center; is the birthplace of all creation, the beginning still point of all of your creative energy. The Taoists call the uterus the ” Heavenly Palace ” and see it as a woman’s main sexual center and a powerful energy source.

The womb is the red rose transmission in the channeled teachings from our mystery school and ministry with Mother Mary, the divine mother of the still-point of immaculate conception.

And, of course, Mary is the Mother of Yeshua, so she is so profoundly connected to him. Yeshua is the divine consort of Mary Magdalene, so again, you can see how connected the heart and the womb are; they are like eternal lovers and beloveds.

The art of the heart is one of patience, acceptance, and forgiveness, cracking, opening, again and again, even wider and wiser.


The medicine of the rose heart merged with the medicine of the rose womb is one we must come to know as a woman today.

Let’s first start with the physical relationship between the heart and the womb. The heart and womb share a mutual relationship with sacred crimson blood that runs through pure veins. The heart governs the blood, and the uterus relies on blood to function.

The “opening” and “closing” of the uterus for birth, ovulation, conception, and menstruation are regulated by the heart and kidneys via the uterus vessel and energetic channel. The heart is responsible for the opening, and the kidneys are responsible for closing.

During ovulation, the heart opens the uterus to release the egg. When menstruating, the heart opens the uterus for the lining to shed. Throughout the action of birth, the heart opens the uterus for the birth of a baby.

Understanding this process shows that the heart is intimately connected to the womb.

As we awaken into our remembrance in this lifetime and re-emerge into today’s society as modern-day priestesses, these skills are not just a luxury but a necessity.

It is an honor to stand before you as a sister of the Rose, as a strong pillar of safety, sovereign sensuality, and sacred sisterhood support; I am so excited to guide you deeper into the inner sacred garden of your Rose Womb Heart.


Thank you for choosing self-love and self-respect and committing to yourself on a new level.


I know it takes a lot of work to arrive at the spaciousness of carving out time for yourself to practice self-love.

Unlock the mysterious magic from your chalice of overflow, and draw the nourishing nectar from the deepest depths of the wellspring of your sacred womb waters, the womb, the void, the birthplace of all creation.



Rose Womb Heart Mentoring

  • Vibrant Sexual Vitality
  • Radiant Womb Fertility
  • Remembrance of The Rose Lineage
  • Fluidly Flowing, Pain-free Monthly Cycles
  • Hormonally Balanced Reproductive Health
  • Join a Collective Effort to Heal the Planetary Womb
  • Release Blocks and Manifest Your Gifts into the World
  • Embody a Deeper Connection to the Devotional Feminine

    Within the sacred realms of The Rose Womb Heart Mentoring, we work with “Venusian Rose Alchemy” of the five elements: senses, archetype, rose wounds, and star-points.

    We focus on deepening into the five elements and senses as a tool to embody eros, ecstasy, and enlightenment. And we safely explore the five archetypes and rose wounds as touch points into a new way of relating to ourselves.

    Learn about Venusian Rose Astrology and the unique teachings that each star-point (19 months) brings to our lives.

    1:1 Rose Womb Heart Mentoring walks the individual through the complete template of Venusian Rose Temple Arts teachings.

    This will be tailored entirely to the individual in a very intimate way, with spaciousness to receive, breathe, and move at a pace that feels most aligned for the individual.

    1st Star Point in Gemini

    Element: Fire
    Sense: Sight
    Archetypes: Daughter/Maiden
    Rose Wound: Jaw

    2nd Star Point in Capricorn

    Element: Ether
    Sense: Sound
    Archetypes: Mother/Saint
    Rose Wound: Heart

    3rd Star Point in Leo

    ( This is the star point we are in now)
    Element: Earth
    Sense: Scent
    Archtypes: Priestess: Servant
    Rose Wound: Throat

    4th Star Point in Aries

    Element: Air
    Sense: Taste
    Archetypes: Lover/Whore
    Rose Wound: Womb

    5th Star Point in Scorpio

    Element: Water
    Sense: Touch
    Archetypes: Queen/Bride
    Rose Wound: Yoni

    We cover White, Red & Pink Rose Transmissions

    The Codes of the White Rose Mary Magdalene

    This will be jaw, throat, breasts, and the high holy heart templates and teachings.

    The Codes of the Red Rose with Mother Mary

    This will be the womb, the grail gates templates, and teachings.

    The Pink Rose Codes with Lady Isis

    This will be the yoni, Codes of the Rose Ankh templates and teachings.

    These templates are designed to deepen one’s relationship with the purest essence of the Rose herself.

    To heal physical, mental, and soul blockages to receive the original and erotic innocence that is our birthright to be bathed in.

    We truly believe here at the ministry that this is the lifetime that Heaven on Earth will be restored through the temples of our bodies.  And it begins inside our bodies; our bodies are ancient rose temples, and the ancient rose temples are our bodies.

    Throughout the mentoring container, other themes include Sophianic Sound Healing and Transmissions, Hermetic Alchemy Healing, Psychic Cleansing Practices, Venusian Rose Astrology, and Venus Node Temple mapping.

    I Am The Woman You Hire When…

    • You’re ready to fully integrate your shadow and promote her to your inner muse.

    • You are ready to claim your body as the purest gateway to God.

    • You’re done playing it small and ready to anchor the lineage of the Rose into every facet of your life.

    • You desire to be supported to birth the most precious body of your life’s work that has been aching to be received by the world.

    • You’re preparing to have or already have children and want to learn how to merge the Mother and the Priestess archetypes seamlessly.

    • You are at the point of no turning back, fully committed to birthing your legacy for your lineage.

    • You’re ready to fully reclaim your rightful throne of sovereignty as a Daughter, Mother, and or Mystic of the Rose.

    • You are ready to receive God into your life as your holy father, protector, and provider.

    “I have had the absolute honor and blessing of getting to weave deeply with Shona at her in-person Venusian Rose Temple Arts training, a level 2 training in person, her Daughter’s of the Rose 9-month program, as well as shorter courses and 1:1 mentorship. Can you tell that I love working with her?

    Arriving here has felt like a deep calling, a remembrance, and came at the right time. I found her right after I had an ectopic pregnancy surgery and was in the depths of emotional and physical healing. Working with and learning from her has supported me so deeply in my own healing with my womb and called me into a path of service that I had no conscious idea I would walk in this life. Yet arriving here, it feels like, wow I’ve done this for many lifetimes, and her and I and the other women in this space have weaved for many lifetimes. Being in her presence on its own is uplevel. I receive so much just by being with Shona without any of the teachings, and those layer on so much more. I have had such profound moments of remembering, deep ancestral and past life healing. I feel so seen by Shona and she calls me up lovingly and firmly into my highest timeline, into my leadership, into my service. Here it does not feel like a hierarchy, it feels like a council. I feel honored to receive these teachings and carry them forward and have witnessed what I carry forth impact so many already. I am forever grateful.

    If you feel a nudge or a call, resonate with Mary Magdalene or the Rose Lineage, and you’re not sure where to land, this space and Shona are the real deal. I love the depth that is here and how we bring it deeply into the body, out of the cognitive. That there are tangible practices and ways we can bring forth the path of the Magdalene. If you feel a nudge, trust it, it might just change the course of your whole life. It did for me!”

    – Kendall Nichole ♥ California

    Rose Empress Renaissance

    Nine-Month Mentoring

    • Two 90-minute 1:1 sessions every month for the nine months. Eighteen 90-minute  sessions in total with Shona.

    • Includes hand-selected tools to support your deepening, 22% off anything in the Rose Boutique, all current online/new offerings included in the investment, a private online portal, personal messaging, and voice recording throughout the week Monday/Friday for any questions or support you may need throughout the nine months.

    • It Includes Daughters of the Rose, our signature group nine-month training, Mother Priestess, our intimate master womb heart mentorship group, and our upcoming monthly membership called Temple, which we will be birthing in the winter.

    • All 1:1 Rose Womb, Heart Mentoring Packages, include exclusive access to either Daughters of the Rose, the ministry signature 9-month training and mentorship – the next round is beginning January or Mother Priestess, a new intimate Master Womb Heart ( instead of mastermind ) that Shona will be birthing towards the end of the year.

    • In-Person Venusian Rose Temple Arts Training: a 5-day in-person training on Grandmother Kaua’i to receive the hands-on Rose Empress Rebirth bodywork and be fully trained and certified with the ministry.

    • I don’t offer this training work to the public anymore, nor do I offer the bodywork. It’s just for one-on-one containers or current students.

    * Flights are not included *


    Upfront (Savings $3996 )


    Monthly for 9 months

    Please fill out the application below and tell me more about your sacred intentions for us working together.

    Then please book a for a 33 minute Rose Resonance Call with me.

    I only take three clients annually, so let’s feel into if we are a good match to work together.

    Let me know if you have any questions after completing your application.

    I am more than happy to have a call together to and go over it all, and if none of these energy exchange options work for you, I am open to discussing another payment option if we are a match.

    11% of the 1:1 Rose Womb Heart Mentoring will go to the non-profit we are doing here at the ministry called “The House of Magdalena”.  The Rose Lineage Ministry non-profit House of Magdalena will be raising money for us to bring food, support, healing, and education to these women in third-world countries who have been forced into sex slavery.

    “ Shona has helped me listen to the call to serve and love myself first and fill my Holy Grail Chalice to the brim of overflow. She has shared with me intimate Venusian Rose Temple Arts teachings in integrity to her own soul because she recognizes me as her and knows I will bring these Temple Teachings where I feel called in integrity to where these teachings have originally come from within me.

    She has taught me the Worthiness of Self! She has helped me remember who I am! She has helped me love my Darkness. To slow down and smell my Roses and honor my Thorns. She has guided me to see, love, and hold my inner child more deeply because the messages my inner child shares are an integral part of my Ascension and living in Integrity to my Souls calling.

    She has taught me Integrity and Discernment with the Potency and Magic that I am and carry, and to really hold and honor my path as a Conscious Stripper, Keeper of the Sacred Sexual Arts. In other words, she’s taught me to fucking own it!

    She understands my journey. We’ve had a very similar if not the same path of initiation within the realms of Sexuality, and her openness allows me to feel unconditionally safe and supported by her. Shona has helped me integrate deep wounding and trauma around my sexuality, the sisterhood wound, and the shadow masculine.

    Shona doesn’t judge you. She only loves you. Sometimes we are afraid to take that step in investing in our well-being through mentorship because we are afraid we will not be understood or judged… She will see you unconditionally and provide a safe space to be yourself in all phases, faces, and facets. You can trust her.

    My life has changed both internally and externally, and she’s guided and supported me to fully reclaim and get clear on what I want, to let it come to me because it’s already here in Divine Mother’s TRUTH.

    This is and will forever be THE best investment my soul has ever made, and I would recommend ALL HER OFFERINGS!

    Thank you so much, Shona. You’ve changed everything for me, sister. I love you.”

    – Sarah ♥ Canada

    Photography by: India d’Scarlett

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