To support you in initiating into the inner alchemy of knowing thy self, honoring thy self, and loving thy self.

Surrendering into the rose womb heart is the medicine of the Rose Lineage, A Legacy of Love. It is the path of the Magdalene, the beloved, the inner marriage of divine union. We have been told for many moons that we should look outside ourselves for knowledge, that we should seek external validation and honoring,  and that love is only present with a partner/lover/marriage outside of ourselves. 
Divine Union is not something outside ourselves, it is all within the holy chalice of overflow that pours forth from the sacred grail from the within.
Come play, pray, a be present with me in the Temple of the Rose where we will get a juicy taste tester of The Venusian Rose Temple Arts that we will be learning in Magdalena of the Rose. Trust in this sacred pathway paved in rose petals of devotion that will always lead you back home to your Rose Womb Heart.

Activate Your Rose Womb Heart

Five Day

Rose Womb Heart Activation


Day 1

Friday 12th of July
The Rose Womb Heart Breath on Venus Day with Shona Keeli

Day 2

Saturday 13th of July
Openin The Rose Heart and Mermaid of the Magdalene Transmission with Dakota Chanel

Day 3

Sunday 14th of July
The Rose Heart Breast Massage Practice with Shona Keeli

Day 4

Monday 15th of July
Opening The Grail Gates and The Rose of Inanna Transmission with Jedaya

Day 5

Tuesday 16th of July
Magdalena of the Rose, The Red Rose Transmission of Divine Union and Live Full Moon in Capricorn Council Ceremonial Call
The Rose Lineage Mystery School

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