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We begin on the 10th of January, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer.
Join us for daily elemental archetype transmission, clearings, and ceremonies

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This will support you to shake off any last shackles you may have around owning your shadow and your light, stepping into 2020 with grace and ease with your fully embodied divine essence shining.
We will be exploring five main themes of karmic ancestral trauma patterns, lineage pathways, and rose resonance remembrance. I wish to offer support, perspective, stories, and guidance that I feel may allow the ancient unraveling of The Rose Lineage within your own mythos.
Many women come to me to seek clarity, healing, mentoring, perspective, and or guidance, they come with specific past life memories, vivid visions, and potent pieces to the puzzle of purity that we all hold our unique piece of through knowing our bodies as a sacred holy temple.
I will also be sharing personal pieces about my journey that I have been on with The Rose Lineage and The Venusian Rose Temple Arts came alive.
Over the five days, we will be exploring the five main Rose Woundology of The Venusian Rose Priestess, co-creating a safe and sacred space to dive deeply into activating The Venusian Rose Priestess from within.  We will be opening the activation by calling in our Rosa Mystica High Council and anchoring in the light with our pillar priestesses of The Rose Lineage. Together we will feel into the five elements, five senses, and five archetypes of The Venusian Rose so that you can feel more at home in your remembrances of the Rose.

Day 1

Fire :: Sight :: Maiden

Day 2

Ether:: Sound :: Wild Woman

Day 3

Earth :: Scent :: Mother

Day 4

Water :: Taste :: Priestess

Day 5

Air :: Touch :: Mystic
The Rose Lineage Mystery School

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