I am so incredibly grateful for these past eight years as they have shaped me to be the woman I am today.
At the beginning of the previous eight-year  Venusian Rose cycle in 2012, I was just completing the final year of my Tantra studies in India. I had been immersing myself in these sacred teachings for years and traveling back and forth from Australia to India and spending close to half the year studying Tantra, Yoga, and Sutras. Taking daily Satsang with Sri Prem Baba and then spending the other half of the year as an exotic temple dancer in the outback of Australia. These were powerful times for me as I explored the full spectrum of my feminine body temple, yet still through a very masculine lense. I learned how to dance with my darkness, love myself beyond the world perception of my choices. I paved the way for my feminine expression to run wild with the wolves.
Within months of the previous Venusian Rose cycle beginning, I slowly stopped traveling to dance, study, and for pleasure. I was grounded in my Aussie roots in a way that I had never been called to before. I came out of a year-long celibacy and connected with my dear friend/brother and became pregnant on my birthday. We were going to keep the baby, and then he disappeared from my life. I then had to make a callous decision. I chose to have an abortion after my father advising me he wanted to see me supported through motherhood as the Queen I am. I decided to have an abortion that, to my surprise, it was one of the most spiritual interventions I have ever had in my life. In the waiting room before the procedure, I heard a voice very clearly speak to me saying, “ It’s ok mama, my name is Isvara, and I will be back in a few years for you to birth me. “ Isvara was the 23rd Yoga Sutra I had been studying in India, and I had even had it tattooed the word in Sanskrit next to my right breast in honor of the teachings that had been gifted to me.
I then returned to my home-town to be with my father and to do some deep lineage healing with myself. I suddenly realized that I had uncovered a potent gift, I could connect to my womb in a way that was so powerful. Also, the voices that I had heard most of my life we’re other women’s wombs whispering to me. I decided that I was going to focus on my temple healing arts in a way that felt more aligned with my soul. Then the woman began to be drawn to me like a moth to a flame; although I had been offering sessions and initiations of the temple arts for years, I hadn’t put everything down to just focus on them.
My heart then called out to me to travel again; my soul guided me to Europe. The ancient islands of Greece, to the crystal clear waters of wisdom and rebirth. There I found pieces of myself and anchored into my ancient roots of the wise woman ways.
I then went to Spain, and I found myself faced with real-life reflections of sex trafficking; I got caught in the middle of a sex slave trade and magically found a way out to save my own life. It became so real to me that supporting as many women as possible to step out of that reality of being sold as sex slavery was why I was here. It deepened my perception of the potency of the sacred work I had been put on this planet to birth.
Next stop the land Burning Man, Black Rock City, I was never the same. After that, I was swept up into the deepest sisterhood co-creative temple space. I anchored in my first temple space called The Blue Lotus Temple, Berkeley, with some of the most exquisite temple priestesses.
Very soon after that, I fell in love with a spoken word poet, one of the most magical wizards I have ever met. Yes, I fell so deep into some of the darkest places that resided within me.
After my visa was up, I continued to South America to study with some of the world-renowned womb shamans, and sat in a ceremony with medicine for the first time. I explored the uncharted territory of my soul, met myself in places and spaces I never knew existed.
I flew home to Australia to integrate and go back to be with my mother in her home-town, the town my mother gave birth to, but I didn’t grow up in the past the age of two. I spent as much time with her as I could, doing juice cleanses, yoga, and meditation. I knew this would be the last time I would see her for a while as my heart was calling me back to the USA. Within a few months, I moved to the USA to be with the man I thought I would marry and grow old with
This relationship, for me, was a huge catalyst for growth; it was a deep reflective mirror for me as all relationships are. Within that time we had together, I watched his journey through his Saturn Return, which I know is the most transformation process ever. I also developed a 4×4 cm cyst on my left ovary and stage two ovarian cancer, which I naturally healed myself from my past decade of studies. Natural and conscious monthly bleeding and blood ritual offerings, breast, womb, and yoni massage, and monthly yoni steam, to name a few. At that time, I was told by medical professionals that I would never naturally conceive a child again.
After I naturally healed this myself and spent close to a year, integrating my whole relationship fell apart. Still, my temple arts-based business began to take roots, seed, and steadily grow. I had no choice but to give it my all as I couldn’t just get a regular job in America. Womb Illumination birthed my heart art, my temple arts-based business.
My Rose Womb Heart then called me to the Hawaiian islands, Mama Maui first and then Goddess Pele, Big Island. I knew if I was to choose to stay in America, this is the only place I could live coming from Australia where the beaches and nature are just as exquisite. Tutu ( Grandmother ) Kaua’i then called my name loud and clear, I committed to a three-month-long Sacred Birthing Doula Training.
The love affair with Kaua’i and my current beloved was intense; it pulled me into a place of knowing that I have never been able to understand. It was a twin flame, soul contract that has pushed me to areas beyond my comfort zone. We entered into the deep end like no other relationship I had ever been in before. We carried similar codes, wore the same masks, spent many moons dismantling our inner darkness, and ultimately we slowly found our way back to the light in our sovereign ways yet somehow still intertwined together.
Within three months of living on Kaua’i, I was pregnant with our starseed son Isvara. The precious prophecy child that set me on my path at the very beginning of the previous eight-year Venusian Rose cycle. My baby Rose Prince who made me a mother.
The heroine’s journey from maiden to mother was one of the most painfully poetic processes of my life and has supported me to talk, and walk this earth with so much more grace and ease. The Rose Lineage Mystery School blossomed and bloomed, the medicine of ancestors whispers returned to me little by little, breath by breath, step by step as my firstborn son came to this earthly plane.
I have offered over 500 in-person, hands-on Venusian Rose Temple Healing Sessions, and Initiation over the past twelve years. Trained 12 women in these temple arts in the past two years. We now have two very successful online councils of twelve offered each year called Magdalena of the Rose. An annual temple arts-based retreat called The Trinity of the Holy Grail. We are about to do our third Venusian Rose Temple Arts Training in the fall. A global online Sophianic Sisterhood of the Rose that comes together to celebrate each other and honor each of our gifts.
Almost four years after having Isvara, months of up and down emotions and celibacy healing some of my most prominent core masculine/feminine wounds, hours of unwavering devotion, and the most conscious commitment to my The Divine Mother. I am now eight months pregnant with my baby Rosebud, my dream Venusian Rose Garden planted in the backyard by myself and our sacred sisterhood of the Rose, Kauai. My dream in person sisterhood has untied on Kaua’i, and a karmic divine union relationship finding a way through the mess of the mind, back to the heart has anchored.
This hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows; I am sure there are many parts I have left out and could never even put into words. This previous eight years of descent and ascent through the mirrors of the Venus-Inanna archetypes have been a wild ride of deep devotional surrender. I pray that this next eight-year cycle, I can attune deeper to the roots of the Rose Lineage and be lifted by the heavenly scent of the celestial Rose to be of more sacred service to be a crystal clear emanation of The Divine Mother. May I walk the beauty way with grace, ease, abundance, joy, and love.
Radiating Rose Love,
The Rose Lineage Mystery School

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