About Magdalene Muse
Do you desire a deeper union with the divine, yourself, your partner, and or all of life? 
Duality is everywhere in life, and in relation to everything…
Masculine and Feminine
God and Goddess
King and Queen
Saint and Sinner
Light and Dark
Life and Death
Red and White
How do we do the work of marrying our inner masculine and inner feminine,
To come into union with all things? 

Every month together we are going to resurrect the Rose Temple of Divine Union through gathering the Magdalene Muses. We will dive into the depths of our inner duality, and find the divine awaiting us there. We will explore the power, potency, and perfection of polarities within the Union, so within, so without. The pathway paved un rose petals of devotion that always leads us back home to our Rose Womb Hearts.
Please Join us as we awaken the inner muse of The Magdalene that lives within us all. The Mermaids, The White Heart Dove Priestesses, The Red Dragon Womb Shamans, The Black Rose Serpent Orclaes, The Sophian Songstresses, and The Magdalene Muses of all walks of life are welcome to enter the Rose Temple of Divine Union. 


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