About Joining The Venusian Rose Temple Membership
Q: How does the membership work?
A: This is a monthly temple membership, you will receive through email a mixture of written, recorded, and visual themed Venusain Rose content on every sacred conjunction of Venus. The content will also be on a private online portal for easy access; this portal will be updated each month for you to continuously have access to as long as you are a member of the temple.
Supporting you through the Venusian Rose gateways of ascent and descent, these will be living and breathing transmission from the morning star to the evening star as our orbiting star of remembrances she traces a pattern in the sky that looks like a five-pointed star or five-petaled wild Rose. You will be divinely guided by the celestial, earthly energies of the Venusian Rose with each month’s themed content. The Venusian Rose Temple monthly membership is designed to support you to give birth to the new woman that is being born through the breath of Venus’s beauty, through her Sophianic song of the stars being sung into existence.
The rebirth of the eight-year Venusin Rose Cycle is upon us, and as we learn to honor each of our lives as a reflection of her sacred cycle, we can find a rhythm of grace, love, and ease. You will be supported to birth beauty while simultaneously giving death to the depths of deception that have been plaguing your peace from within your mythos. Within the temple membership, there will be a focus on anchoring in heaven here on earth, returning to the Garden of Eden where all is provided for, there is no lack, no scarcity, no separation, and no servitude.
You will be provided with monthly themed Venusian Rose Content-
Sight: Visual Art for daily focused eye-gazing meditation.
Sound: Sophianic Sound Healing Meditations, and Love Language Transmission to reprogram you to the state of receptive, harmony, and abundance.
Touch: Elemental Rose Alchemy Rituals & Ceremonies to prepare your whole being to receive these teachings. Supporting you to heal your body, mind, and spirit with the mana of this sacred land Lumerian of Mu.
* Two options to upgrade membership package to receive a monthly supply of our world-famous Rose Empress Elixirs, Tinctures, Spagyric, and Oils all made on the Grandmother Mu Island of Kaua’i.


Q: Is there a suggested amount of practice time each month?
A: As this is a monthly temple membership that is focused on diving into The Venusian Rose Temple Arts, these temple arts being a devotional divine feminine way of walking the beauty way it is non-linear and moves with the rhythms and cycles of Venus who is a reflection of you. I suggest listening to your body, always, and doing what feels most aligned to your temple that is your body. There will be 3-5 hours of monthly content to work with and suggested daily practices to incorporate in your self-care/self-love routines or begin a new Venusian Rose focused practice altogether if this is new to you.
* No amount of studies or previous experience needed, suitable for all levels.
Q: Is there a group sharing as part of this membership, or individual work only?
A: We would love to approach this sacred temple without the word ” work ” and more of a playful field of exploration of your full spectrum self. We want to invite you to receive the content of this membership in any way that feels most aligned for you in these times. For this membership to be a pillar for you in these times of such significant change, for you to find a pathway of grace and ease of integrating your light and your shadow self. Sometimes that is done in a profound sovereign way, and other times we know how much more supportive it can be to allow ourselves to be witnessed, seen, and held in sacred sisterhood.
There will be a private Venusian Rose Temple Group on Facebook to interact and connect with your other beloved Venusian Rose Priestesses around the world tended Rosie Queen of Communication here at The Rose Lineage Mystery School. Monthly group prompts to dive deeper and share your sacred self with the temple group if that feels nourishing but not necessary. We have a whole Rose Lineage Collective coming together behind the scenes holding space for this temple. However, Shona will be offline for a few months birthing her baby rosebud, postpartum, and finishing her manuscript there won’t be live call until she returns in October/Novemeber.
Q: How many practices each month?
A: Every month, there will be a new themed visual image for daily meditation, themed sound love language meditation transmission, and elemental rose alchemy self-love practice. All of this content will ever so gently and ever so softly begin to support you to weave the Venusian Rose Temple Arts into your everyday life. As we weave through the rose-petaled mandala in the sky with our lady Venus, supporting you through the ascent and descent of your unique path of Remembrance. Together will explore the senses, elements, and archetypes of The Venusian Rose Lineage!
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