Dark Feminine Queen Meditation
I wanted to honor each of you for being in my life, following this sacred work of The Rose Lineage, Venusian Rose Temple Arts that I offer. Thank you for being here and on this wild ride with me. We have been in some very wild, dark, and intense times, I wanted to share a meditation with you as a gift for these times.
This meditation can be used as an anchor, a mile marker for you to meet yourself in the depths of your inner knowing and unknowing. This can be used now in this powerful rites of passage that is upon us with the Eclipse season, all the way through to the Winter Solstice.
My prayer is that this Dark Feminine Queen Meditation serves you in ways beyond measure, that you feel nourished by the dark nectar of your own depths.
Many blessings sweet ones, thank you for being here, womb to tomb, we are in this together!

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