Online Immersion

A 5-Week Self-Paced Introduction Into The Venusian Rose Lineage Mysteries

Blossom. Bloom. Remember.

Do you feel like something has been holding you back from feeling in your fullest bloom?
That you may be the one blocking yourself from living a truly exquisite and juicy life full of ecstasy, pleasure, abundance, play, and pure erotic innocence?
We warmly invite you to commune with the divinity within your holy trinity. To unite once again with your Sophianic Sisterhood of the Rose. The Trinity of the Holy Grail is a five-week, self paced online immersion into The Rose Lineage Mystery School Teachings. It will be an unveiling of the original temple template of the ancient Venusian Rose Temple Arts.
In these times of such great change we are being gifted the truest essence of resurrection into sensual sovereignty if we choose to receive it. Join us for a once in a lifetime five-week immersion with Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and Lady Isis, and The Rosa Mystica High Council as we blossom, bloom, and remember the ways of the Venusian Rose.
Like you want to have more self-love in your life, and that you need to develop a deeper connection to self loving practices?
That you may be the one blocking yourself from living a truly exquisite and juicy life full of ecstasy, pleasure, abundance, play, and pure erotic innocence?
A sacred longing to commune deeper with your eternal divine lover, God/Goddess and your sensual self? 
Want to obtain tools, practices, and support to learn how to connect deeper to your heart, womb, and yoni (vagina) ? 
That you want to receive temple template transmissions from The Venusian Rose Lineage? Mary Magdalena, Mother Mary, Lady Isis?
A deep longing to connect to an authentically real Sisterhood of the Rose?
Are you craving the codes of remembrance to anchor in and activate your voice, sensuality, sexuality, and sovereignty?
The grail is most commonly identified as the cup that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper and that Joseph of Arimathea used to collect Jesus’ blood when he was crucified. Given the importance of Jesus’ crucifixion and the eucharist in Christian beliefs, the search for the grail became the holiest of quests as it signified the pursuit of union with God.
The grail is a chalice, a keeper of crimson codes, she is the path paved in rose petals back home to the holy union of communion. Let’s look at this through the lens of the feminine vessel, we as women have a sacred holy grail that lives within our bodies. Once a month we have crimson codes of our sacred moon blood drip down to the earth through our chalice. The holy grail is not just a chalice but a womb, your womb, the sacred holiest of holy wombs who carried forth the bloodline of Christ was Mary Magdalene. The holy grail is Mary Magdalene, The Magdalene is awakening from with us all, she is here within our sacred Rose Womb Hearts as we commit to honoring our path home to ourselves and all that we are.
The Venusian Temple Arts are a set of temple teachings of a template that lives within your body. They are here to teach you that you are indeed a temple. This sacred temple template is a transmission from the trinity of teachers (Heart, Womb, and Yoni) that live within your body; it has the direct blueprint on how to awaken into the highest version of your feminine form to support the awakening on this planet.
This template has been gifted to us from the planet Venus.
Our planet of love, beauty, sensuality, duality, darkness, and war. The feminine has many facets, forms, and phases of her existence, and she shows her many faces through her expressions of emotions, movements, and sounds. Our planet Venus is an orbiting rose of pure remembrance, she teaches us what has been lost for thousands of years as she makes her infinite five-petaled rose pattern in the sky every eight years. She shows us how we need to love ourselves, our loved ones, and this sacred planet earth. Venus Rose, so we may remember that our bodies are a living and breathing altars of love. She is the dualistic deity of Divine Love, teaching us to move beyond the daily dualistic life into the calm, and peaceful waters of non-duality. Through deeply connecting to the divine mystery from within we understand that our most potent initiation into life is through our own five sense, and aligning them with the magic of the five elements, through this act of unity we become baptized into being.

It’s time to know and truly embody all of your feminine facets – saint, sinner, songstress, daughter, sister, maiden, mother, mystic, priestess, dakini, lover, queen, whore, womb shaman and witch.

Together on this we will dive deep into the Erotic Feminine mysteries and magical teachings of The Venusian Rose Lineage. We will embark on a five-week initiation to reclaim our pure rose diamond heart, playful erotic innocence, and succulent sexual sovereignty.

We will be anchoring in the Sisterhood of the Rose on a whole new level through reactivating The Venusian Rose Temple Arts Template on ourselves.

We will be moving through The Elemental Rose Alchemy Initiations week by week harnessing the mysterious and magical, teachings of The Rose Lineage, The Venusian Rose Temple Arts.

One Opening Ceremony and Hour Long Sophianic Song Circle – Surrendering open to the self sourcing power of Divine Mother as we drop in deep to hear the Sophia Gaia Gnosis.
A sensual, succulent and sacred Sisterhood of the Rose five week initiation into the five senses sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Allow the diamond rose heart resonance of erotic innocence to bathe every cell of your body temple.
The Venusian Rose Temple Template of The Rose Heart Breast Massage  – for tending, healing, and opening to your own sacred rose garden of your wildest heart’s desires. 
The Venusian Rose Temple Template of The Grail Gates Womb Massage –  For clearing any heavy ancestraul trauma, supporting with gentle cord releasing, whilst anchoring and activating the Grail Codes of The Rose Lineage within your own womb.
The Venusian Rose Temple Template of The Shakti Rose Milking Pactiace – release, refine, and realign your soul’s pure pleasure and presence through diving into Isis Sex Magic Arts of The Rose Lineage.
One Closing Ceremony and Hour Long Yummy Yoni Steaming Circle – Grounding in the grail codes through the Sophia Gaia Gnosis of gathering in sacred circle to seal our time together through codes of The Rose Ankh.
Three Rose Mystic Guest Transmission and Bonus Content – Extra support from some expert wisdom keepers of The Rose Lineage Mysteries.

Weekly Guide

☥ Week One

Sight : Fire

The unveiling of the ancient futuristic visions of The Rose Lineage, the inner sight of your innate intuition, your deep inner knowing and through your conviction and commitment to the blade of truth. Connecting to the I Am Presence, anchoring the echoes of wisdom etched in the pillar priestess of the ages.

Practice and Ceremony ♥ Piercing the Veil Of The Phoenix and The Oath of The Rose Code Keepers.

☥ Week Two

Sound : Ether

The dawn of a golden age, the sensory surrender into sovereignty, self-love, and cellular sexual pleasure. We will awaken The Rose Lineage through breaking the vow of chastity, silence, and sacrifice. Chanting opens the heart in the name of the holy beloved Maria Magdalena, channeling the voice of the divine feminine, and cradling the inner child through Sophian Heart Language.

Clearing and Activation ♥ Sophianic Song of the Stars Voice of the Divine Feminine Awakening

☥ Week Three

Scent : Earth

We arrive to rest as the royal rose empress has spoken, unwinding and slowing down to smell the roses in her own inner sacred garden. The art of truly anchoring into one’s timeless beauty, with grace and ease we relax and receive. We invite in the grounding essence of the Mystic Rose, allowing her to anoint us through the ages of time into the wisdom of the cycles and seasons, rebirthing through clearing and activating the rose records of The Rose Lineage.

Meditation & Ritual ♥ Meet the Rose Mystic and Enter the Chambers of the Rose Records

☥ Week Four

Taste : Water

The elixir of life is yours if you choose to receive it, we allow ourselves to open up to the gnosis of the Sophia Gaia gospels. We declare the eternal nectar, as a fluid of the god/goddess that is made from the body temple of love. We will dive into the delicacy of tasting the sweetness of the Rose milk, and rejoices in the fierce freedom of her medicine and bathe in the beauty of her bountiful boundaries.

Practice and Recipe ♥ Rose Heart Blossoming into your fullest bountiful beauty

☥ Week Five

Touch : Air

The Rose Lineage, Venusian Rose Temple Arts, is beckoning you, calling you into your truest form of ecstatic ecstasy, your fullest elegance of your erotic essence. Presently primal, patiently pleasured, allowing the inner unfoldment to take place, one rose moon petal at a time, the beauty is the blossoming and the grace is in the blooming. The Rose Empress Rebirth Bodywork will delight every inch of your body, mind, and soul through the sheer presence and devotional prayer remembrance.

Healing and Initiation ♥ Venusian Temple Arts Healing and The Rose Empress Rebirth Bodywork

Packages Available

This is the most affordable immersion we are offering here at The Rose Lineage Mystery School, we are doing our best to make these teachings more available to as many woman as possible. We have discounted this immersion to make it more accessible in these times of such great change, as we understand there is so much uncertainty in these times. Please choose from one of the three package options, that best suits your situation right now. Please be honest, fair, and honoring of our generous offer, keeping in mind that the woman who can pay for the higher rate packages are encouraged to do so as this greatly supports us to offer the lower rate packages.



(Suggested Donation)

Package Includes:
  • Access to The Trinity of the Holy Grail 5-week Online Immersion ♥
  • Exclusive access to Rose Boutique Discounts ♥

As we are now transforming mystery school into a ministry we are offering this five-week immersion donation based. Our suggested donation for the initiate package is $88 but we will receive any and all amounts. No woman will be turned away for lack of funds, all women are welcome for this online immersion. The other two packages are not donation-based as it takes a lot of time and energy to create, pour and ship out our handmade Rose Empress Collection. Shona would love to offer 1:1 Rose Womb Heart Mentoring packages for donation-based but it’s not physically possible with her being a Mother Priestess of two young children.

* The women who have previously taken the immersion can join for free of course, we just ask that they post on their story feeds and all social media sharing about the immersion and email us that you wish to join another round. All women who share on social media will go into the running to receive a free Rose Empress Oil and Elixir, so please make sure they tag @theroselineage
“Shona is a beloved sister and an exquisite queen for guiding us through this transformative process. She is a high priestess and is very knowledgeable! No fluff! I learned so much, the rose lineage is what my soul yearns for. Sacred knowledge of activating the holy trinity within us is truly life-changing. I felt the shift when clearing the ancestral karma in our wombs. I really enjoyed how real and raw every aspect of learning was. I am thankful for all the codes and for Shona for doing this powerful work bringing me back to the divine feminine. I am more in touch with my sacred temple and I activated the goddess within me. Deepest gratitude to my beloved sister Shona for all you do for the women on this planet.”
– Alice Lai-Garton ♥ San Fransisco, United States
“I have found this work with the sacred template of The Venusian Rose Temple Arts to be a truly evolutionary gift. Delving deep into the ancient archetype of the Divine Feminine through The Rose Lineage Mystery School Teachings brings deeper access to our feminine essence as women by exploring our sacred heritage, and unlocking and illuminating our own unique heart, womb codes. Working together with our Rose Sisters in sacred space, we are able to lift off old imprints of shame for ourselves and for the collective, to access the deepest recesses of our divine nature and creativity, and work toward healing the rift between the Sacred Masculine and Feminine. The world has never needed this collective healing toward the balancing of the Masculine and Feminine more than it does now. Deepest thanks to Shona Keeli whose proficiency in holding safe sacred space for this crucial work is matched by her profound embodiment of these teachings, and her commitment to sharing, healing, and evolving through the Rose Code Mysteries for the highest good of all human beings and life on earth”
– Molly Pettit ♥ Melbourne, Australia
is the founder The Rose Lineage Mystery School, A Mystery School for The Venusian Rose Temple Arts; She is a Mother Priestess, Rose Empress Initiator, and Gifted Womb Oracle.
Shona is present in this time of awakening to support the budding, blossoming, and blooming of the divine feminine expression and exploration of the inner power through The Trinity of the Holy Grail. The sacred heart, the holy womb center, and the yoni ( vagina ) – these three spaces are the birthplace of all creation, and they carry the most pristine untapped erotic energy available to women. By supporting women to remember how to practice and embody supreme self-love,  thus opening the temple gates for a magical manifestation of the most pleasurable and authentic life.
She is here to support women awaken to the throne of their inner Queendom. Shona is a light bearer and energetic midwife to the wave of Rose Consciousness, that The Sophia Christ healing is bringing back to the planet at this time.  Holding an impeccable space for exquisite hands-on healings, supporting women to surrender into self-love, and revelation, she assists the rebirthing of women ready to become a natural authority of their body wisdom to access their fullest, creative and magnetic potential. Her wisdom is drawn from ancient womb religions and practices spanning thousands of years including Lemurian, Gnostic, Egyptian, Mayan, and Tantric traditions.

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