♡ Love Cup ♡ If you are someone who knows that your body is a temple and you love to look after it with as much exquisite self-care as you can – then the Love Cup is for you! Love truly is the only way to honor ourselves, our monthly moon cycle and our Mother Earth. Here at The Rose Lineage, we believe in the most ancient ways of Moon Medicine, connecting to our ancestors and remembering our deep depths of womb wisdom through ritual, prayer and Earth-honoring altars. ♡ The Love Cup collects moon blood like a chalice, I invite you to dive into the magical world of your feminine facets, by remembering your unique rituals, purifying prayers for the planet and honoring the Earth by offering your monthly sacred moon juices. Together, let’s weave our way through the tapestry of the feminine flow and bow down to her holy sacred cycles. The waters of our Mother Earth are that of the waters of our Wombs, forever fluidly flowing and unfolding through the intensity of the tides of emotions of the oceans. ☽ Made of 100% medical-grade silicone, latex free, contains no nasty dyes, BPA, toxins or bleaches. Unfortunately, sanitary products nowadays have all been bleached, your body can absorb these nasty chemicals while inside you or against you. Love Cups are colored by a unique process, through fermented berries fruit pigment. Each Love Cup may vary in color as each batch is slightly different. ☽ Cotton products have been known to leave fibers on the cervix. All of these conditions can mess with the natural balance of your bacteria and even cause more serious cervical complications. Rather than absorbing like a tampon, when full you simply empty it rather than changing it. ☽ Love Cups are available in two colors and in two sizes, pink and purple, size one is designed for women who have not experienced vaginal birth or who have a small vagina and size two is designed for women who have experienced vaginal birth or who have a larger cervix and heavier flow, option one may be used post vaginal birth if the cervix is smaller and/or have a light flow. ☽ Love Cups can last up to 5-10 years when hygienically stored and lovingly cleaned. ☽ All the Love Cups go through a Love ceremony in my temple space with potent prayers of L O V E, medicine songs sang, clarity cleansing intentions for your Divine Flow and they come with royal red velvet bag with a print of our seed of life protection in real gold pigments and selenite, pure unconditional love for You and your Yoni. *Always insert your Love Cup with clean hands, wash between uses and clean once a month with warm water baking soda, apple cider vinegar or lemon, then leave it out to dry in the sun to sterilize. Love Cup keeps your vagina and your body happy! Radiating Love, ♡ Shona Keeli

Love Cup


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