Daughters of the Rose Lineage
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The Land of Rose Milk and Honey is our signature free four-day immersion that supports everyone in inviting deeper regeneration and rest during these intense times we are collectively experiencing.

This immersion was held on the days leading up to the Winter Solstice, completing our final day together on the Winter Solstice. We gathered in sacred community to restore Heaven on Earth templates in our bodies. Today you have access to all 4 replays and bonus content!

The “Temple of God/Goddess” is your body, not a church or a religion. Heaven is not a place outside of us; it is inside each of our bodies, and our bodies are the most exquisite architecture ever designed.

It is our birthright to be breathtakingly free in our bodies,

Fully connected to our five senses, and embodied in all forms of eternal love.

Together, we will anchor and activate the altar of the holiest and most divine lineage of Love into our bodies. We do this in the name of the Father, The Mother, and the Holy Child that each of us is.

We were returning home to the Trinity-based Consciousness.

Each of the four days will be centered around…


: Paying homage to the lands


: Medicine of the holy family lineage of love. We are all Daughters of the Rose


: Day of the Mother and our bodies


: Day of the Father and honoring the return of the Sun during Winter Solstice.  Sharing more about the ancient practices of raising the chrism

Join The Land of Rose Milk & Honey

Free Immersion

We welcome you to bathe in the healing frequencies with us.

We will share stories, transmissions, rituals, meditations, ancient technologies, and techniques to help your body regenerate itself.

There is a fluid, an oil or marrow-like substance inside our bodies called


This fluid flows down the spinal cord, comes from the upper brain, and is known in physiology as ovum, or generative seed.

The Essenes, the primitive Christians, fully realized, understood, and taught the great truth that Christ was a substance, an oil or ointment contained mainly in the Spinal Cord. Christ means anointed one, and we can be anointed by learning how to work with these sacred fluids inside our bodies.


On either side of the Thalamus, in the head, is a gland known in physiology as the Pineal on the posterior and the Pituitary on the anterior side of the Thalamus.

The Pineal is cone-shaped and secretes a yellow or golden fluid like honey. The Pituitary Body, opposite it, is ellipsoid in shape and contains a whitish secretion, like milk.


The Pineal Gland fluid becomes yellow and has electric properties. The Pituitary Body, having the milk-like fluid, has magnetic properties. This yellow and white material, which is the milk and honey referred to in the Bible, the children of Israel having been given the promise of a return to this land flowing with milk and honey.

The time has come to restore the Land of Rose Milk and Honey to be dripping wet in our devotional discipline. We are bringing each of us home to the nectar temples within our hearts and wombs flowing with the ancient wisdom of our ancestors.

Let’s all be open to feeling God in our hips, between our thighs, and receiving his golden honey nectar dripping daily into our lives through his sacred masculine provision.

It is safe to pause and slow down when you are ready to gently and softly pour your feminine milky nectar into every crevice of your life.

The Magic You Will Receive

Transmissions and practices rooted in feminine healing teachings from 5 live speakers
A living and growing Nectar Drip library of additional practices, meditations, and rituals from our trained Daughters of the Rose that you’ll have lifetime access to.


The opportunity to win a luxurious giveaway with divine creations from brands that we feel hold the beautiful frequency of the Rose.

The Journey

Day 1

:: Land ::

We will pay homage to the sacred lands that we live upon, the holy land where we are a human family experiencing war, and restore the remembrance in all humanity that all lands are sacred and holy.

Our bodies are an extension of these sacred and holy land, so we will carve out time to be more present with them than we ever have before.

– Guest Speaker –

Leisha Kahealani Love

Opening ceremony and Aloha ‘Āina blessing, Offering prayers to Ka Lei Ohana, the ancestors of all lineages, an opening to balance the flow, union, fertility, abundance, beauty, and divine reciprocity through all relations.

Nectar Drip

” Cultivating Embodiment of the Higher Self  “


Emeline Crutcher

It will be a somatic practice guiding our awareness of our bodies and learning to hold ourselves consciously with gentle spaciousness.

Day 2

:: Rose ::

The beauty way is the only way, returning to the Rose Garden of Eden, anchoring heaven on earth through our bodies. 

Shona will share her personal story of healing and connection to the rose.  Speaking to the ever-unfolding miracle that it is to mother a daughter of the rose in these times.

– Guest Speaker –

Alison Venusia

I welcome you to receive a taste of the rose codex as ritual technology. Wisdom is preserved throughout ancient civilizations into the present through the devotion of those who walk the path of the rose lineage. Receive this attunement and communion between worlds through the womb-heart bridge and bring timeless wisdom into modern existence.

Nectar Drip

” Magdalene Storyteller Emergence “


Shannon Van Den Berg

Dive into the power of story as a catalyst to let your inner storyteller emerge. Feel the release, new timelines, new possibilities, and divine contribution flow through you.  Meet and receive wisdom from Mary Magdalene in a shamanic singing bowl journey to deepen your expression and connect with your medicine and inner storyteller. Then, learn how to weave the practice of storytelling into your daily life, family, and business.

Day 3

:: Milk ::

Bathing in the milky magnetic magic that the Divine Mother. Diving into the depths of her amniotic fluids so we can remember that we deserve to be nourished and to have all our basic needs met and more.

We are breathing new life into the ancient fertility rites to restore and renew the micro, inner temple so your chalice can overflow her sweet nectar into the macro, outer temple that we call this sacred Mother Earth.

– Guest Speaker –

Sekhara Swan

Return to the Mother. Back home to the Mother, we can & will always return. To her Stillness & her Love… Unto Her Sweetness, and Surrender. Sekhara will be taking us on a journey into the sacred Waterfalls of our Holy Mother. Here, we will receive a transmission of the Ethereal Waters of the Cosmic Womb. We shall enter the eternal Mythos of the Land of the Dragon Rose Mothers, & activate the living blueprint of the Akashic Waters of Creation by remembering the codes of true Reciprocity. Bring your Hearts, your Wombs, and your Prayers!

Nectar Drip

” Temple Tuning “


Marissa Kirou

A guided breathing and sound class on connecting and tuning your womb, heart, and throat with the frequency of your sacred sound. During this workshop, Women will be guided to breathe and tune each temple through breath and sound that will begin to open and heal each sacred temple. This will support them to open the channel of their womb wisdom.  


Day 4

:: Honey ::

Seeding in the liquid gold of the God Force, the man behind the throne, the Son-Sun, The Return of the King. Reclaiming the sacred multidimensional ways of provision that are beckoning to be poured into your life right now.


There is a softness that comes from surrendering it all over to God. We can’t do this alone. We are not meant to do it alone.

– Guest Speaker –

Kendall Nicole

Kendall will be weaving in the Celtic aspects of the solstice based on the three cauldrons (pelvis, heart, head).

We will honor honey as the solar energy. We will welcome the return of the sun on our Earth during this solstice and the return of the sun within our own hearths. Lighting the fire from within and radiating it out. 


Live Speakers

You will be led into the feminine arts of healing & alchemy by oracles, priestesses & Daughters of the Rose who hold a wealth of wisdom within their Rose Womb Hearts.


Shona Keeli  

I am Shona Keeli Rose, Mother Priestess from The Rose Lineage Mystery School and Ministry, the home of The Venusian Rose Temple Arts. I have been where you have been, I have walked the path you are on, and I am honored to be walking beside you, Beloved.

Over the last fifteen years, I have mastered how to open my heart and anchor into my womb, heal and let go, unlock the chalice of overflow, and manifest my wildest heart desires and deepest womb’s passions into form. 

Connect with me!

Website: www.TheRoseLineage.com

Instagram: @theroselineage

Leisha Love

Aloha, my name is Leisha, I’m a mother, and priestess of Venusian Temple arts.  A beacon of embodied Mu wisdom and Hawaiian lineage. As a sacred birth keeper, I am a soulful (spirit baby) doula- working in the realms of conscious conception, tantric birth prep, and quantum womb healing. 

Connect with me!

Instagram: @_aloha_ma_

Email: leishalove.roseheart@gmail.com

Alison Venusia

Ordained priestess of the Rose Lineage Mystery school.  Sacred sexual arts and womb wellness practitioner. Initiate and teacher of Venusian temple body arts.

Alisons greatest devotion is to support women’s connection to the divine intelligence of their body. She works deeply with the nervous system and sound technology to support any stored energy to move and clear while rerouting sexual energy that wants to awaken. She aims to educate how working with eros is a vital part of fertility wellness and connection to all life. It is a great honour to  serve the wombs of the world and to walk this path of life, death, and beauty.

Connect with Alison!

Website: www.wyldwomb.earth

Instagram: @wyldwomb

Sekhara Swan

Sekhara Swan is the Founder and Gatekeeper of Sha Rose. Throughout her life she has always held a deep passion for the empowerment of all women and has woven this into all that she offers. 

She lives, breathes and tends this sacred work in a truely embodied way. Sekhara traverses her own threads of womanhood, as a Mother, a Partner, a Sister and a Priestess and she draws upon her own unique wisdom and experience so she can walk alongside Women as a Guide and Mentor.

Connect with Sekhara: 

Website: www.sharose.co.uk

Instagram: @holyhuntress

Kendall Nicole

Kendall is an Ordained Venusian Rose Priestess of the Rose Lineage Mystery school. Energy intuitive, feminine bodyworker, nervous-system based intimacy guide, and birth doula. She is devoted to a rooted, earthy, and simplistic way of approaching prayer and ritual, to integrating these teachings into the earthly realms.

As a former science nerd turned mystic, she loves to integrate the magic that is our mind, body, and nervous system into the mystical teachings of the Rose, to support women to feel liberated in their bodies, in union with their hearts, and connected to Spirit. She believes that intimacy is so much more than just pleasure, that tuning into the subtle, slow energies of life, connects us to something greater. And that the womb is a gateway to the divine.

Connect with Kendall:

Website: www.kendallnichole.com

Instagram: @iamkendallnichole

Nectar Drips

Our delicious nectar drip is a living & growing library of profound guided practices created in devotion by our very own Daughters of the Rose. Each day, we’ll receive an additional pre-recorded practice to compliment the wisdom and medicine you experienced on the live event.


Marissa Kirou

Marissa Kirou is a Mama of 2 and experiencing a Wild Pregnancy with her 3rd baby. She is relying soul-ly on her sacred Womb and Heart connection along with her connection to her baby to guide her through her pregnancy. This wasn’t the experience Marissa had with her first baby. She was disconnected from her power and gave it away to a system that left her further disconnected from her body, afraid and traumatized. Although she experienced a traumatic birth, it was the catalyst that created the path to reclaim her power, womb wisdom, and her voice. After having her first baby, Marissa became a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Pediatric Feeding and Nutrition Specialist. After Marissa became pregnant with her second son, he connected with her and said he wanted to be freebirthed. This initiated her to another level of deep surrender to the unknown and to trust her body to birth her baby. Through this journey, Marissa wanted to serve a higher purpose in supporting Mothers during pregnancy to prepare them for postpartum. Marissa weaves liberating Mother into reclaiming their sovereignty through their sacred pregnancy and birth with connecting them back into their sacred essence of their temple. In 2023, Marissa became a student of the Rose Lineage through The Daughters of the Rose training. She has begun healing her connection to her heart, womb, and her connection to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Marissa is devoted to serving the Divine Mother within her and through the Mothers she serves. She is honoured to have Shona as her mentor with the beautiful wisdom and healing shares and the sacred, safe space she held for Marissa to reclaim all part of her; the shadow, the holy mess, and the sacred daughter. 

Connect with Marissa!

Instagram: @marissa_kirou

Email: marissalkirou@gmail.com

Shannon Van Den Berg

Shannon Van Den Berg is the CEO of Kiva Publishing, International Amazon Bestseller 11 times over, and Feminine Leadership Revolutionary for over two decades. 

She activates New Earth feminine leaders into their next level embodiment and expression through blazing the trail for the sacred art of Golden Age feminine leadership. She believes humanity needs your medicine and is here to support you in sharing your story and wisdom with the world.  

She holds space for her sisters to rise through her activation portals, Published: Sacred Book Creation Portal, her Quantum Creatrix Oracle Deck and first-of-its-kind Jaguar Leadership Council for feminine frequency leaders.

She lives on her homestead on the sacred Four Corners lands near Hesperus, Colorado with her husband and four homeschooled boys. 

Links to connect:

All links: linktr.ee/shannonvandenberg_

Instagram: @shannonvandenberg_

Facebook: www.facebook.com/shannonlvandenberg

Emeline Crutcher

Emeline is a shaman, guide, teacher, and space holder for those wishing to connect with their own personal power, purpose, and divine inspiration. She facilitates a space for healing and remembrance through connection with nature and the elements and guides in a way that honors the connection between body and earth. She works with sacred plant medicines, sound healing, and teaches deep somatic practices to help integrate and ground higher states of conscious awareness into the physical body with the goal of creating a state of alignment and flow between body, mind, and spirit.

Emeline was initially called to the path of sacred plant medicines and somatic therapy to heal physical and psychological ailments brought on by unprocessed childhood trauma that led to deep emotional suppression and disconnection from self. She provides a safe and nurturing space for all who are processing personal, ancestral, and collective trauma, and is dedicated to making the same level of healing and self-discovery she has received available to others.

Emeline practices and teaches Q’ero Andean shamanism and has been initiated as Pampamessayoc in this lineage. Her practices are also deeply rooted in the codes of the Rose and she has received priestess training in Venusian Temple Arts from the Rose Lineage. Her somatic practices stem from the teachings of Peter Levine, Kathy Kain, Stephen Terrell, Gabor Maté, and others. Additionally, she has an extensive background in science and biotech and holds a Ph.D. in Genetics and Neurodevelopment from Baylor College of Medicine. She has a passion for understanding more deeply the truth of our existence and the natural order of life on this planet and beyond. This background informs Emeline’s work with others in a way that brings the structure of intellectual thinking into union with the intuition of feeling. She is dedicated to empowering each individual she works with through facilitating the inner divine union of the duality of our human existence to cultivate connection and flow with the One. Through connection to divine source Love, Emeline holds a space for safe exploration and integration of both light and dark inner aspects while providing resources to enable the conscious choice of desired reality. It is her ultimate goal to help others discover and embody their own unique personal power in a way that is in alignment with the highest good of themselves and all beings.

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:: December 18th – 21st ::
Radiating Rose Love,

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