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For too long, you have lived in a reality that told you that you had to sacrifice the things you love, the activities that bring you joy, and or wait to live your dreams for the perfect partner to appear, the specific amount of money to be in your bank account and so on to begin living the life you want to live.
You have it all backward sweet one, you don’t need to wait for anyone or anything outside of yourself to create what you most desire, all you must do is truly believe you are worthy of these desires, make concious actions in the direction of those desires, and surrender the rest to The Divine Mother.
No longer shall you feel unsupported to live your life in the glory of your fullest bloom, by continuously showing up with the focus of grace and ease, and knowing you are a living and breathing altar of manifested perfection. As we step into a fresh eight-year Venusian Rose Cycle on the 3rd of June this is a perfect time for you to call upon positive pillar’s of support to create the reality that you want to live in.
Upon joining The Venusian Rose Temple Membership will receive monthly musing, mythos, magic, and mystery teachings to dive into with each month having a different element, sense, and archetype theme to support you in activating and anchoring in your dreams, visions, and prayers for your highest aligned timeline.
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