After healing a 4 x 4 cm cyst on my ovaries three years ago, transforming my monthly painful menstrual cramps, and regenerating my uterus after giving birth with the ancient ritual of yoni steaming you can say I am a believer. At the moment I am steaming once a day while I am meditating and my web has never felt better.

Here at The Rose Lineage, we have handmade 5 Signature Yoni Empress Steaming Blends:

Fertile Focus – This blend supports in healing any deeply rooted age-old wounds through herbs that are preventing the woman from her creativity, conceiving a child, and/or maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

* Yoni steaming is NOT to be done whilst pregnant!

Postpartum for a Priestess – This blend supports women after birth, to give themselves permission to indulge in the magical herbal essence of their well deserved sacred pause.

* This can be used as a sitz bath or a yoni steam for after a woman physical gives birth to a baby.

Womb Illumination – This blend will support women in an activation of heightened creative energy and restoration of wellness and balance on a very deep and intimate level.

* Perfect for after miscarriages, abortions or vaginal infections.

Menstrual Moon Magic – This blend transforms a woman’s moon cycle from the most loathed days of the month to the most magical and transcendental days of the month. Supporting a healthy menstrual cycle and or the return of your cycle.

* Yoni steaming is NOT to be done whilst on your cycle.

Mystical Menopause – This blend will support a woman through menopause, invoking the wise medicine woman, the teacher to come out that lives within all of us and retains the ancient womb wisdom of the ages.

Yoni Empress Steaming Blends