Sacred Rose, Pink Lotus, Ylang Ylang

Bask in the succulent scent of the Goddess of love, beauty, and sensuality. This sacred nectar radiates exquisite self-love and teaches you the true art of affection. Devotionally massage it into every inch of the body temple that lay before you.

The most sensual, soft, and heart-opening breast massage oil I have ever used. Perfect oil for healing the heart space and your relationship to your breasts. Firms and tones the breasts, clears the arch line.

Ingredients: roses infused in sunflower oil, rose essence made from 2000+ roses, pink lotus, ylang-ylang, raw rose quartz crystal, and endless unconditional love from the sisterhood of the Rose. 

Simple four ingredients and all organic or wildcrafted herbs.

The Rose Empress Oils ☥ Venus Rose