A Twelve Week Initiation Into the Sisterhood of the Rose : Council of Twelve

Temple Doors Close Spring 2020
Due to the small and intimate nature of this initiation, we are opening applications submission in a three-stage sequence. Giving first preference to the women on from the Magdalena of the Rose waiting list earlier this year, then the early registration list, and then opening to the public.
As there are only twelve spaces we will be taking applications through this three-stage sequence but it is first come first serve basis. I will be allocating a certain amount of spaces for each stage of the three-stage sequence.
Early registration closes February, 2020 and there will be a $676 discount from the tuition fee for Early Birds.
If you wish to join the early registration list to receive more information, an application, and some support in regards to joining Magdalena of the Rose, Council of Twelve, please join the mailing list below.

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