Daughters of the Rose

A 3-Month Online Training & Group Mentorship

Remember and reclaim your innate fertile erotic innocence as a woman and step into your devotional feminine expression.

Beloved Sister, if you’re currently feeling…

☥  Disconnected from your sensuality and your full feminine expression
☥  Trapped and stuck in old relationships, ways of thinking, and traumatic experiences that don’t serve your highest evolution
☥  Separated from your own innate wisdom and knowing for the creation of your dream life
☥  Disconnected from the divine love & support offered by God 
☥  Numb to your body’s orgasmic pleasures experienced for all of life
☥  Stuck in your mind’s loop of painful and heartbreaking stories 
☥   A lack of understanding of and love for your body as a woman
☥  Insecure about being seen, heard, and felt in your dynamic feminine expression
☥  Uncomfortable to receive pleasure and prosperity in all areas of your life 

You are invited to journey through…

The White Rose Transmission with our Beloveds Mary Magdalene and Yeshua

3 months 
3 Pillars of Temple Templates of Transformation
Release, Reclaim, Receive

Here’s Your Journey

Month One

:: Release ::

We will dive into the foundation of all of the healing templates, so we can lean into a strong and stable connection to our own mind, body, and soul so we can withstand and rest into all that may arise.

You will learn and practice energetic hygiene, and how to consciously create, cleanse, and connect with other women so we can also do that with a man in a healthy way. This is perfect work and play for inner Union preparation for you to magnetize your Beloved or to support deepening into a Divine Union relationship you may already be in.

You will re-pattern your relationship to the Mother and Father; learning how to intimately be with these two energies so you can begin to transform any heavier stories you may carry in your lineage into light; eradicating any false light programs so that the true essence of the Lineage of Love can be restored.

Month Two

:: Reclaim ::

Once you have your foundation restored you will then learn how to become one with the Rose Woundology that lives in your body, and reclaim any soul fragments you have left in previous painful experiences, relationships, and or past lives.

Through ancient Tantric traditional methodology, you will learn how to become the ultimate alchemist and transform trauma, pain, and shadow into the source of your radiant light. You will learn to release any stuck energy in the three power centers of the White Rose Transmission: the jaw, the throat, and the heart; coming into homeostasis with the essence of the lineage of love that lives within your own body.

This will support you to reclaim your true power of softness from the inside out. Through self-forgiveness, self-discovery, self-accountability, and self-love. This process will inevitably support you to take up more space in all areas of your life connected to your truth, expression, power, desires, sexuality, and authenticity.

Month Three

:: Recieve ::

This is the part of the journey where you will truly learn how to embody and apply these teachings and practices to your daily life as a modern-day magnetic woman. You will sync into the slowness, deepening, and co-regulating with this newfound energy of Union in your body. This will sustainably anchor you into the trinity-based consciousness of the Mother, Father, and child, you being the cherished Daughter of the Rose.

By having this new template of Union restored you can then begin to be a safe, stable, and sacred space for the true essence of Union to blossom in your life; a union with the Warrior King, Oracle Queen, and God at the center of this trinity-based Union.

You will be given tools to unlearn false feminist programming, to gently rest down and into your natural magnetic frequencies to leave you to be postured in such a way that you remember that you are already the woman you have always longed to be.

You’ll Walk Away With

A connection to and expression of your inner muse 
A deeper connection to God as a provider, protector, and pillar of light
A profound and practical method to open your channel to receive yourself, your desires, and God
An ability to soften your essence, connect to your voice, and open your heart–letting go of all that no longer serves
Connection to sustainably in the areas you feel lack, sovereignty in your choices, and sanctuary in your own body.
A confident reclamation of your senses, sexuality, and erotic innocence 
Embodiment of ancient Tantric practices to support you in stepping more fully into your innate inner radiance as a feminine woman

The Priestess Practices Included

You will learn potent priestess practices rooted in Traditional Tantra and adapted to the teachings of The Rose Lineage. These ancient yet futuristic practices are drawn from ancient womb religions and practices spanning thousands of years including Lemurian, Gnostic, Egyptian, Mayan, and ancient Tantric traditions.


You will leave this group mentorship and training knowing how to apply these teachings to feel more open, empowered, soft, sovereign, and connected to God. You will feel confident in speaking your truth when it is required, but most importantly embodying your truth by taking up more space, resting into the innate fertile erotic innocence of your authenticity, and trusting the provision of our Holy Father, Lord God, and the nourishment of our Divine Mother, Lady Goddess.

“I wish I could put you in my heart so you could feel the impact that this container and ministry has had on me. I have gone through Daughters Of The Rose twice now and both times I have been leveled as a woman. Shona is a very wise and skilled teacher and I’m so grateful to be learning from her. Her transparency and rawness make it so easy to feel safe and open up into the space. I highly recommend this potent container for anyone curious about the sacred feminine mysteries.”

– Zoe

“I highly recommend Daughters of the Rose to anyone who is looking to experience a sexual renaissance & awakening in their lives! Learning & practicing these teachings has radically impacted & improved my life in more ways than I can count. I’ve had breakthroughs in my sexuality, my connection to God, my relationship with the Mother & I am more deeply fulfilled, satiated & connected than I’ve ever been. I am excited to continue to deepen these mysteries & continue my mentor relationship with Shona. She is a living, breathing embodiment of these teachings, dripping in wisdom, compassion & feminine heart-centered leadership.”

– Nicole C.

“I joined the Daughters of Rose because I already walk the teachings of the rose and I have been following this path for a long time and was looking for a space where I could deepen into my knowing of these teachings, and find a place where I was held and could be seen.

One of the big things that was calling me was the deepening of Venusian astrology and these teachings have been just so beautifully offered to us with integrity. Shona offers such humility and strength in the way that she supports all of us through this journey and all of the other teachers who have come along to support her and support us in this experience.

We got to share this community of women healing the sisterhood wound, coming together just as we are and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have been part of such a beautiful program, and you’ve been on the fence. I highly recommend, jumping in. It is one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

– Anna S.

White Rose Transmissions


3 Month Journey


Mary Magdalene & Yeshua

This entire journey and content being provided is valued at $6,666+ but we’re offering it to you at…



:: Payment Plans Available ::


What's Included

An in-depth library of Rose Lineage Priestess Practices for your healing, expansion, and integration

• Two 45-minute live calls/month during the New & Peak Venusian Rose Gateways with Shona and Rose Lineage Collective

• Access to the live call replays 

• A telegram chat to stay connected to the sisterhood of women on this journey with you & receive support from The Rose Lineage ministry members

• An off-boarding completion call with a Rose Lineage Ministry team member 

:: View The Syllabus ::

White Rose Transmissions

Self Study


Mary Magdalene & Yeshua

This entire journey and content being provided is valued at $2,222+ but we’re offering it to you at…



:: Payment Plans Available ::


What's Included

• An in-depth library of Rose Lineage Priestess Practices for your healing, expansion, and integration

• A Facebook Group to stay connected and be supported by sisters in the community

• Access to the content for 9 months


:: View The Syllabus ::

No more partial or full scholarships are available as we have already filled our maximum for those spaces.

A percentage of Daughters of the Rose tuition will go to the non-profit we are beginning here at the ministry called ” The House of Magdalena. ” The Rose Lineage Ministry non-profit House of Magdalena will be raising money for us to bring food, support, healing, and education to these women in third-world countries who have been forced into sex slavery. 

We call upon our healed and whole ancestors now, anchoring into the ancient remembrance of the lineage of the Rose in her fullest glory. We walk the way of beauty. We offer rose petals, milk, and honey to the sacred holy lands as we honor the holy one by resurrecting the rites of Son-Sun.

We restore the Holy Family Lineage of the Rose from within, so without.
We protect the innocence from within us, around us, and we restore the innocence to the very fabric and foundation of society.

We tend to the still-point of immaculate conception through all the stages of her medicine.
We listen to the whispers of the earth. We cradle her as she rebirths. We honor the sweet little ones we conceive, grow, and birth, as they are the future of this sacred earth.

We remember that our sensitivities are our superpowers. We allow no one to take our true power!

We courageously keep an open, compassionate, and loving heart as we embark on this path. We live from our womb and its wisdom. We honor the tomb of the ancients that is in bloom. We know we are being broken open to receive the scripture of our souls; this is how we seed the rapture of the greatest love story ever told.

We are anchored into the abundance of the currency of the cosmos through dancing with the duality of the Venusian Rose Star and drenched in the scent of self-love, saturated in the essence of true sovereignty, pulsing within the presence of purity.

We are softening into the opulence unfolding from within the safety found within our skin, free from any traces of sin.

We invite you to reclaim your innate fertile erotic innocence as a woman and step into your devotional feminine expression

“My time in Daughters of the Rose helped me find a home like I’ve never had. Both in my body and in the teachings and ceremonial space that we held. Doing this work can feel so isolating, but the Daughters of the Rose is a space where you don’t have to feel alone. Every single aspect of the mentorship is dripping in love, divine feminine, Shakti, and wisdom. The teachings are coming from such a clear channel, Shona, and in addition to that it is all very integrated. The Rose Lineage team walks the walk. We were held the whole time and were offered teachings so we could hold ourselves. The group chat alone was powerful! If it feels aligned for you, I couldn’t recommend it enough. “

– Liz

“When I started studying with Shona in Daughters of the Rose, I had just been through quite a big remembrance and reconnection to my feminine essence and rose womb heart. Through flower essences and guidance from the Rose herself, I knew that it was part of my path to deepen the mysteries of the Rose.

After two years and two rounds of Daughters of the Rose, I am more connected to my feminine heart than ever. I have formed a deep connection to my sensuality and have called my inherent feminine power back to me.

The Venusian Rose Temple Arts have allowed me to connect with my body in a sacred and safe way while offering me the space to expand and deepen. As my guide on this journey, Shona has been nothing short of transformational.

Shona is an incredible teacher and holds ancient Rose wisdom within her. If you choose to walk down the path of the Rose with her, you will never be the same. Studying with her for these last two years has been an honor, and I am eternally grateful for the experiences I had in Daughters of the Rose.”

– Kristen C.

“I’m so honored to be a part of Daughters of the Rose. I remember as a little girl we moved so much and I just wanted to be home and somewhere stable. Being with Shona and the teachings that moved through her brought me home. Home into my body. I can be anywhere and I will always be home because my heart and my womb are home. This sacred space has connected me back to my body, a place I’ve always felt turned off of and disassociated with, ashamed and even afraid of. The teachings of the Rose have given me a space to move through the rage and grief I carried for a decade from losing my mother as a young girl. It’s supported me to forgive my father and begin the healing I needed for both the masculine and the feminine.

I’ve had the opportunity to build a sisterhood with Women who hold each other up, celebrate each other, and show up in the rawest parts of themselves authentically. And as for working with Shona, she is truly a blessing. She’s the definition of a Mother Priestess, Queen, Goddess.

I love her with my whole holy heart for the way she shows up in the space sacred, sensual, vulnerable, honest, and to her fullest of whatever experience she’s moving through. Through her vulnerability, she creates a space where you can show up in your mess, heartbreak, joy, or juiciness. She is ALWAYS in service to the moment, to God, to herself, her children, and the Women she supports. I love you, Shona. I love The Rose Lineage. Thank you Shona.”

– Marissa K.

The Rose Lineage Collective

Shona Keeli

Shona is the founder The Rose Lineage Mystery School, A Mystery School for The Venusian Rose Temple Arts; She is a Mother Priestess, Rose Empress Initiator, and Gifted Womb Oracle. Shona is present in this time of awakening to support the budding, blossoming, and blooming of the divine feminine expression and exploration of the inner power through The Trinity of the Holy Grail. The sacred heart, the holy womb center, and the yoni ( vagina ) – these three spaces are the birthplace of all creation, and they carry the most pristine untapped erotic energy available to women. By supporting women to remember how to practice and embody supreme self-love, thus opening the temple gates for a magical manifestation of the most pleasurable and authentic life.

She is here to support women awaken to the throne of their inner Queendom. Shona is a light bearer and energetic midwife to the wave of Rose Consciousness, that The Sophia Christ healing is bringing back to the planet at this time. Holding an impeccable space for exquisite hands-on healings, supporting women to surrender into self-love, and revelation, she assists the rebirthing of women ready to become a natural authority of their body wisdom to access their fullest, creative and magnetic potential. Her wisdom is drawn from ancient womb religions and practices spanning thousands of years including Lemurian, Gnostic, Egyptian, Mayan, and Tantric traditions.

Alison Casey

Ordained Venusian Rose Priestess of the Rose Lineage Mystery school.
Sacred sexual arts and womb wellness practitioner.
initiate of Venusian temple body arts.

Alisons greatest devotion is to support women connection to the divine intelligence of their body. She works deeply with the nervous system and sound technology to support any stored energy to move and clear while rerouting sexual energy that wants to awaken. She aims to educate how working with feminine eros is a vital part of a women’s wellness and connection to life. It is a great honor to serve the wombs of the world and to walk this path of life, death, and beauty.

Kendall Nichole

Ordained Venusian Rose Priestess of the Rose Lineage Mystery school. Energy intuitive, feminine bodyworker, nervous-system based intimacy guide, and birth doula. She is devoted to a rooted, earthy, and simplistic way of approaching prayer and ritual, to integrating these teachings into the earthly realms.

As a former science nerd turned mystic, she loves to integrate the magic that is our mind, body, and nervous system into the mystical teachings of the Rose. She believes that intimacy is so much more than just pleasure, that tuning into the subtle, slow energies of life, connects us to something greater. And that the womb is a gateway to the divine.

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