Daughters of the Rose Lineage

A 9-Month Online Devotional Divine Feminine Training and Mentorship

 Root down to rise up, restore your throne, and claim your crown!
Have you always had a journey finding safety in your life?
Do you need more support grounding into your unwavering truth, devotion, and sacred services?
Are you wanting to align your whole life to The Rose Lineage, Venusian Rose Temple Arts and The Venus Cycle?

True safety can be found in your throne of emotional sovereignty. Your sacred Sisterhood of the Rose can’t wait to support you as you restore the Holy Family Lineage of the Rose in your body temple.

Rebirth the New Earth through rooting down into your unique Venusian Rose essence, together we remember with the Beautiful Star of Venus, blossoming into the deepest embodiment of remembrance on the ancient ways of Union from within.

If you have been wanting to take the in-person Venusian Rose Temple Arts Training here is your chance, this is an online version of this in-person training, even women who have taken the in-person training will be joining as these teachings are a way of life, it’s important to stay close to the teachings.

This will be an intimate group Mentorship with Shona Keeli Rose and a council of Venusian Rose Priestesses who have trained at our in-person Venusian Rose Temple Arts Training.

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To know the Rose is to know thyself. Sacred, Sovereign, Sensual, Safe, and Stable. The Royal Empress of the Rose. We are all born of the Rose, my lineage is of the Rose, and I genuinely believe if you have found your way here that your lineage is of the Rose too. We are all devotees of the Divine Mother, Daughters of The Rose, here to honor the beauty way, with grace and ease we receive, walking the path paved in rose petals.

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